Latest Initiatives

Entrepreneurship through Education Project

The Malta Chamber Foundation participated in a project funded through the Government “Entrepreneurship through Education Scheme – 2012” that was led by San Gwann Primary School B, which forms part of St. Clare College. The project, entitled “Mill-Gnien ta’ San Gwann”, provided six educational sessions to teachers as well as learning support assistants in the area of entrepreneurship.

Through these sessions, concepts related to entrepreneurship such as critical thinking, sustainability, creativity, risk-taking and responsible action, were being conveyed. This 12-hour course supported teachers in exploring methods of teaching which help children develop creative and critical thinking, as well as attitudes, skills and competencies needed to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set. In turn,  teachers are now able to pass on important messages to students, enabling them to develop an entrepreneurial mind-frame and thus becoming more active citizens in tomorrow’s world. Parents were also invited to attend particular sessions.

Malta Chamber Foundation and Quality Austria hold successful Train-the-Trainer Course

In February 2012, the Malta Chamber Foundation, in collaboration with Quality Austria organised a train-the-trainer course for Quality Management Representatives. This course was organised following the signing of a collaboration agreement in November last year, aiming to provide educational courses in various areas.

The course was delivered by Ing. Joseph Garscha, a Quality Austria certified tutor and author of the well-known publications:

  • Organisation Development by doing Process Management
  • Systematic Auditing
  • Strategic Concept for ‘Expats/Inpats/Repats’

This training course, held between the 6th and the 9th of February, gave the comprehensive knowledge base necessary for maintaining and improving a management system. During the 30 hours of training, Ing. Garscha outlined the content of the ISO 9001 standard and its correct interpretation as well as methods of process and project management. The goal of the course was to put participants in the position to understand their organisation as a system and to recognise the functions and potentials of management systems.

The course covered a number of topics, including:

  • basic quality management concepts
  • process management
  • methods and tools of system management
  • quality management systems based on ISO 9001
  • documentation of quality management systems

Following an assessment, the 17 participants were awarded a certificate that acknowledged their successful participation in the course. This augurs well for forthcoming courses organised by the Malta Chamber Foundation, in collaboration with Quality Austria.

Quality Austria is the market leader in the provision of accredited training courses, mainly in the area of quality management. Quality Austria is a member of the most important international quality organizations, such as IQNet, EOQ, EFQM, VDA-QMC, IATF. The organisation is represented in more than 50 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, South America, North Africa. Over the past years, the organisation has trained more than 135,000 participants during its courses, seminars and workshops.

Malta Chamber Foundation and CSB Group hold Course in Corporate Law

Also in February 2012, the first course organised by the Malta Chamber Foundation and CSB Group was successfully completed. The course was targeted at managers, accountants, auditors, lawyers, corporate services officers and directors. The course tutor was Dr. Doran Magri Demajo – Advocate at CSB Group, who covered a number of subjects that fall under the Companies Act, including:

Partnerships & Limited Liability Companies 

  • Formation procedures
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Liability of partners
  • Meaning and effect of limited liability
  • Meaning and effect of separate legal personality
  • Meetings and Resolutions
  • Call on shares
  • Transfer of shares

Company Officers

  • Appointment/removal, duties and powers of Company Secretary
  • Appointment/removal, duties and powers of Directors


  • Voluntary liquidation
  • Compulsory liquidation
  • Company recovery procedure

Alongside the course content, participants were also provided with practical examples as well as the opportunity for discussion and feedback. At the end of the course, participants were presented with two certificates, a Certificate of Attendance and another for Continuing Professional Development (CPE). The course was accredited with 10 hours of Structured CPE by the Malta Institute of Accountants.

Accounting Course successfully completed

The Malta Chamber Foundation, in collaboration with CSB, organised an accounting course held during the month of November 2012. The course was delivered by Jean-Claude Cardona, who is a Chartered Management Accountant by profession. This course was attended by two members of staff – Bernice Azzopardi and Ian Borg Bellanti.

Mr. Cardona sought to inform non-financial managers about the basics which govern accounts, whilst explaining the true value added by accountants. The course dealt with five main areas, namely: budgeting, costing, management accounts, reporting and basic financial analysis. Apart from presentations and the use of various forms of media, each session included a considerable amount of discussion time. This enabled the participants, who are employed in different industries, to share and exchange their experiences. This resulted in each having different experiences and different takes on what is important, or less so, in their line of work.

The course recently came to an end and all participants were awarded a certificate for their attendance.


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