Peter Zammit

Managing Director, iAS Limited

Peter Zammit is Managing Director at iAS Limited, which has established itself as a leading firm in Design and Project Management through its involvement in major construction projects. He commenced work in 1995 as a graduate architect/engineer after completing his degree at the University of Malta in Architecture and Civil Engineering. Peter attained status as a Chartered Structural Engineer when he became a Member of the Institution of Structural Engineers. He has also obtained a distinction result in an MSc degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Surrey, UK and was also a member on the board of directors of the Malta Environment and Planning Authority where he served two three-year terms as an independent member.

Building Bridges

Wednesday 29th March 2017

The aim of any bridge is to span from point A to point B, hopefully providing a shorter route and safe access. At iAS, we believe that bridges can serve as much more than a mere physical link between two points.

Virtual bridges between different company departments on a macro level, and between individuals on a micro level, can serve to create an upward educational spiral where experiences, both academic and practical, are shared and lessons learnt are used to improve the outlook of each one of us.

On the whole, this will make us more holistic individuals having a wider perspective of the world around us. It is human nature for the majority of us to get carried away in our day-to-day activities, not realising that every minute that goes by we have learnt something new. It is a proven fact, yet little do we realise, that sharing these experiences, small as they can be, can help others and the experiences of others can, in turn, help us.

Accepting this fact, one concludes that knowledge and experience sharing is essential for one's continuous professional development. But for some unexplainable reason, even though the benefits from such knowledge sharing are staring at us in the face, we do not find the necessary kinetic energy to build the virtual bridge linking our experiences.

One also has to appreciate that by sharing knowledge and becoming more holistic individuals, any company will be more versatile and agile to meet market demands and attract new projects.

One might still have doubt as to whether the statements made above make sense or not. From a mathematical point of view, the amount of people that iAS Ltd currently employs equates to many hours of experiences per day – experiences which range from dealing with clients as they come through our door, to complicated structural solutions, managing complicated projects, dealing with clients at the end of projects, attracting new work in difficult times and much more.

It is without any doubt that the main gain can only be attained through creating cross-landings between departments and between different projects. The management team at iAS Ltd is continuously working towards creating the foundations of the virtual bridge, but we can only lay the foundations hoping that each of our team member brings the necessary building blocks. All companies that want to move forward in any market and improve in their quality of work should work towards knowledge sharing. This should be an initiative that should be taken at the higher tiers and passed on to the rest of the employees.

Louis Olivieri

Marketing Specialist

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Peter Zammit

Managing Director, iAS Limited

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August 2017

61 per cent of deaths at work and 15 per cent of serious injuries in Malta occur within the construction industry - a disproportionately high figure, considering that the construction industry accounts for only 7 per cent of the Maltese workforce.

Frank V. Farrugia

President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry.

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