20th July 2017

CORE Platform, the national platform for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Malta, held its first AGM, on 12th July, since its launch in September 2015.

13th July 2017

Chamber opens up pre-budget proposals exercise to members

13th July 2017

Malta is celebrated as a natural hub for the logistics sector in FIATA’s latest newsletter.

4th July 2017

Bank of Valletta and the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry signed a collaborative agreement that will see both parties collaborating closely in pursuing their shared objective to promote enterprise and growth for the benefit of the economy.

28th June 2017

Investor Clinic organised by BOV and the Malta Chamber with the collaboration of Saxo Bank attracts interest

23rd June 2017

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Business Section satisfied with Malta’s favourable export performance

8th June 2017

In the Talking Point appearing in today's Times of Malta, Mr Frank V. Farrugia President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry outlines what in his view, the new Government's priorities must be to ensure economic prosperity and well-being in the country

6th June 2017

The Malta Chamber congratulates the Labour Party for its electoral victory following the General Election of last Saturday.

1st June 2017

As the electoral campaign comes to an end, the Malta Chamber revisits the most important proposals it made on behalf of its members.

1st June 2017

The Malta Chamber signed a pledge with the European Alliance for Apprenticeships to collaborate closely with educational institutes such as MCAST to disseminate more information about apprenticeships amongst its members.

30th May 2017

The Malta Chamber reiterated that the tourism tax introduced by Government last year should be reversed for host families.

26th May 2017

In a strongly-worded statement issued on Friday, the Malta Chamber called on Government to restore confidence, to insist on uncompromising standards of integrity within Government and strengthen the independence and effectiveness of essential institutions.

25th May 2017

Operators are paying excise duties on top of private waste-management scheme fees, hence incurring additional tax and administrative burdens.

26th May 2017

In its Pre-Electoral Proposals document the Malta Chamber made a number of suggestions designed to tackle the delays related to commercial cases.

22nd May 2017

The Malta Files episode has triggered a series of attacks on the integrity of the country’s fiscal structures and financial services industry. There has never been a time when the country needed to form a common and undivided front more than today.

24th May 2017

The Malta Chamber warned that the country must avoid over-reliance on the property market as sustainability must remain key

24th May 2017

Businesses from various economic groups voiced their concern with the Malta Chamber that the proposed Lidl Distribution Center in Malta will cause an unfair playing field. Government announced last April that the project would receive assistance from Malta Enterprise and Malta Industrial Parks.

23rd May 2017

The Malta Chamber has called for businesses to be allowed to purchase their own energy from the existing available sources in order for them to be able to make considerable savings on their energy bills.

23rd May 2017

Malta needs a new transport strategy that incorporates a multimodal transportation infrastructure within a long-term vision for the country’s transport requirements.

19th May 2017

Malta Chamber expresses concern on reported decision to reduce English lessons for Fourth Formers. Ministry says that allocated number of lessons to remain unchanged.

18th May 2017

The Malta Chamber called for the appointment of a dedicated Parliamentary Secretary for Research and Development as the sector requires the full and undivided attention of Government.

11th May 2017

The Malta Chamber will in the coming days be presenting political parties in Malta with its concrete policy proposals being made in the run-up to the upcoming General Election of 3rd June.

5th May 2017

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry hosted the BusinessEurope Council of Presidents (COPRES) meeting on Friday, with Presidents and Director Generals of the most prestigious business organisations from all over Europe congregating to Malta for the biannual meeting.

4th May 2017

As part of the programme of events of the Council of Presidents of BusinessEurope, the heads of delegation attended an audience with the President of the Republic H.E. Dr Marie Louise Coleiro Preca at San Anton Palace on Thursday.

4th May 2017

MEG Executive Group and BusinessEurope DG discuss issues that affect the manufacturing sector within a European context

2nd May 2017

The Malta Chamber has reiterated its warning to both major political parties not to make promises that could undermine Malta’s business competitiveness in order to gain votes.

29th April 2017 – Marie-Claire Grima

The newly elected President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry Frank V. Farrugia has outlined 10 priorities for Malta’s leading business organisation that he intends to focus on, including strengthening Malta’s competitiveness, solving the mismatch between workforce and market demands and safeguarding businesses from detrimental political and economic developments in Malta and beyond.

28th April 2017

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry calls on political parties to exercise caution and maturity to protect Malta’s reputation

27th April 2017

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry expresses its satisfaction following the announced agreement on an increase in the Minimum Wage. The announcement follows long discussions and negotiations, in which the Malta Chamber was actively involved together with other employers’ representative organisations.

30th March 2017

The Malta Chamber elected its new council that will serve for the upcoming term, up to March 2019. The President of the Malta Chamber will be elected during the first Council meeting set to be held on Monday.