14th November 2017

Writing in today’s edition of the Times of Malta, Chamber President Frank V. Farrugia said that Malta is currently under a bright international spotlight and all parties must make an effort refrain from seeking to gain sectorial or political mileage to the detriment of the country’s reputation as a worthy business destination.

10th November 2017

According to the PANA Committee, Malta has transposed EU rules and respects OECD standards in terms of transparency, fight against tax fraud and money laundering.

10th November 2017

Twenty six Maltese business representatives from nineteen Malta based companies participated in a successful two-day trade mission organized by the Malta Chamber of Commerce Enterprise and Industry together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tunis.

9th November 2017

“Malta as an open economy has a lot to lose if the EU takes a protectionist stance on trade and investment” said Andre Fenech, Head of Policy Development at the Malta Chamber as he was participating in a panel discussion organised by MEUSAC.

6th November 2017

Addressing an event from the ‘Doing Business with:’ series, the President of the Malta Chamber Mr Frank V. Farrugia said that great scope for strengthening ties between Malta and Colombia exists, as both countries share numerous commonalities which can be developed for mutual benefit.

26th October 2017

The Board of Management of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry welcomed the new Leader of the Opposition the Hon Dr Adrian Delia for a familiarisation meeting at the Exchange Buildings.

1st November 2017

Mr Farrugia admitted that there was cause for concern about the results of recent surveys which saw Malta's political stability and transparency falling more than 30 points in just two years.

2nd November 2017

The health and well-being of employees is quickly becoming a top priority for numerous employers in Malta as the establishment of robust and attractive corporate wellness programmes has become staple among service-industry companies and others are looking to follow suit in order to remain competitive.

26th October 2017

The Malta Chamber of Commerce and BOV have collaborated on the Start-Up Toolkit, using their years of experience on the field to design an online portal which serves as a reference point for start-ups.

18th October 2017

The Malta Chamber is inviting its members to discover business opportunities in Colombia.

18th October 2017

The Malta Chamber, as Chair of the Enterprise Europe Network’s Sector Group Retail, hosted the bi-annual meeting in Malta.

17th October 2017

In a statement issued on Tuesday morning, the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry expressed its most categorical condemnation of the brutal murder of leading journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

13th October 2017

Delegation from Dubai Chamber visited the Exchange Buildings on Thursday as the excellent relations between the two organisations were underlined.

4th October 2017

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry together with Bank of Valletta plc held Start-Up Strong, Tools for Success, as part of SME Week Malta 2017 on Wednesday 4th October. The well attended event, was aimed at encouraging young people to take the start-up route and become entrepreneurs.

28th September 2017

The Malta Chamber is currently coordinating the Malta’s employer bodies’ effort, to propose solutions to Government on how businesses can be compensated for the introduction of the electoral promise tied to public holidays that fall on a weekend.

20th September 2017

Chamber members, responding to a Vacancies Survey carried out in the past weeks, have indicated that they will be recruiting close to 3,000 employees to fill vacancies which are expected to develop over the next five years.

20th September 2017

Speaking at a Pre-Budget Business Breakfast on Wednesday, Malta Chamber Policy Executive Mr Nigel Mifsud reiterated that Malta’s businesses were still paying the highest energy rates in Europe. This was having an effect on Malta’s competitiveness.

15th September 2017

In a statement issued on Friday, the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, GRTU, Malta Employers Association and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association said that the electoral promise to compensate workers for public holidays that fall on a weekend continued to be of grave concern to Malta's employer bodies.

15th September 2017

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry held its annual summer reception on 14th September.

15th September 2017

Leaders for A Day is a programme aimed at offering aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to job shadow some of Malta’s business leaders on their typical day.

7th September 2017

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, said that in the current climate of rapid economic expansion, the private sector couldn’t afford bottlenecks that affected its operation, no less during the summer months.

4th September 2017

In its proposals to the Finance Minister as part of the pre-Budget consultation process, the Malta Chamber highlighted the fact that energy prices for medium sized companies in Malta are 42 per cent higher than the EU average, making the price for energy which is being paid by Maltese businesses the highest across Europe.

5th September 2017

The Malta Chamber is issuing an expression of interest for businesses wishing to explore possibilities to franchise internationally

24th August 2017

Chamber to launch new ‘SME Toolkit’ in collaboration with Bank of Valletta targeted towards young people with start-up ambitions.

18th August 2017

Chamber to focus its attention, on the importance of an efficient and sustainable labour market in upcoming pre-Budget document.

4th August 2017

Deputy President underlines similarities between the two countries that can provide context for collaboration.

2nd August 2017

JAYE is once again organising the hugely successful Leaders for A Day (L4D) offering aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to job shadow some of Malta’s business leaders for a day.

1st August 2017

Government and the Chamber share several common ideas and priorities aimed at enhancing the economic competitiveness of our businesses.

20th July 2017

CORE Platform, the national platform for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Malta, held its first AGM, on 12th July, since its launch in September 2015.

13th July 2017

Chamber opens up pre-budget proposals exercise to members