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€ 5.3 million R&D COVID-19 Fund

24th September 2020

As a funding mechanism, it will enable R&D on COVID-19 as a departure point but also on potential future waves and other antiviral relevant research

The Malta Council of Science and Technology and Malta Enterprise Corporation have earlier this year launched a € 5.3 million R&D COVID-19 Fund. They have reacted to the challenges surrounding the current unprecedented circumstances by designing a national fund. This initiative has been possible through the support of the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses, and the Ministry for Finance and Financial Services.

The Fund is to target public, academic and private entities. As a funding mechanism, it will enable R&D on COVID-19 as a departure point, yet with outcomes not only addressing innovative and/or improved approaches related to the current pandemic, but also potential future waves and other antiviral relevant research. Such research could address:

1) Relevant medicinal products (including vaccines) and treatments, their intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients and raw materials; medical devices, hospital and medical equipment (including ventilators and protective clothing and equipment as well as diagnostic tools) and necessary raw materials; disinfectants and their intermediary products and raw chemical materials necessary for their production;

2) Data collection and processing tools related to innovative and/or improved approaches with regards to current and/or future infectious disease prevention;

3) Trajectory of the epidemic/pandemic disease;

4) Applications aimed at better dissemination of recommendations by national (Public Health) and/or international health authorities (WHO);

5) Any other research related to infectious diseases that can lead to human epidemy.

Eligible projects, including those projects having received a COVID-19 specific Seal of Excellence, are those projects that have started on or after 1 February 2020, but not later than 31 December 2020. The duration of the project should be a maximum of eighteen (18) months.

More information, including the application form, may be found on or

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€ 5.3 million R&D COVID-19 Fund