6,500 drivers registered for Malta's first green car sharing fleet averaging 600 trips per day

12th June 2019

GoTo rolls out new fleet for roundtrip service

Malta's first green car sharing service has registered close to 6,500 drivers in its fleet, averaging 600 daily recorded trips. GoTo, the company behind the electric-car sharing solution, have now expanded their one-way service to include a fleet of cars made available to registered drivers round the clock.

This new option serves like a personal car and gives drivers the facility of securing a vehicle three months in advance and keeping it for longer, unlike the company's popular one-way service that can only be booked 15 minutes in advance.
Car Sharing Services Malta CEO Liran Golan said: “Our GoTo car sharing option has grown exponentially within just six months and we are witnessing a trend where those living in Malta are slowly seeking alternatives to owning a car — this new service continues to build on this green philosophy.”

This €8 million initiative, run by Car Sharing Services Malta, a subsidiary of CAR2GO Israel, and established in collaboration with Transport Malta, was introduced in Malta last November and has already surpassed expectations.

According to the latest international research, the carsharing market is growing at a rapid rate as governments introduce positive directives for such services. This coupled with citizens’ increasing concerns over environmental degradation, as well as the high maintenance and upfront cost attached with personal cars, people are preferring shared mobility services for commuting, a spokesperson said in a press release issued on Wednesday.

Traffic congestion consistently continues to register high on surveys charting people's greatest concerns, be it from the perspective of an ordinary citizen, a business owner, a student or the elderly.

GoTo’s new roundtrip service uses hybrid Toyotas and once the prepaid time is over all you have to do is just drop off the car at the same spot you picked it up from.

A total of 30 cars will be made available from 10 localities across Malta and Gozo starting this week. Contrary to the one-way service, these cars can only be accessed from private parking areas.

“Our goal is to offer an innovative, cost-efficient and convenient alternative to owning a car. This ties in with government plans to introduce alternative transportation modes, and reduce dependency on private cars,” Mr Liran said.

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