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‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’

11th September 2020

The Malta Chamber CEO shares his initial thoughts after his first few weeks at The Chamber 

“The Chamber caters for an ever-growing cohort of hundreds of members who are offered near-individual attention,” said Edward Chetcuti, CEO of the Malta Chamber in his first blog post.

Ing Chetcuti shared his initial thoughts after his first few weeks as CEO of The Chamber.

The Chamber CEO noted that even though he joined in the middle of summer, his first few days were brimming with bold events that showcase how important The Malta Chamber is to the business community in Malta. Ing. Chetcuti expressed how initiatives such as the meeting between the Prime Minister and members, and the presentation of The Chamber’s budget proposals to the Government were the perfect example of how value is offered to members.

Whether they are a start-up or a large employer, Chetcuti said that all members are provided with a great and equal opportunity to voice their opinions and views regarding policymaking on a national level.

Edward Chetcuti stated that “One of the best strengths the Chamber has, is its standing in public opinion as well as with the people that matter. When The Chamber expresses itself, people take note and that includes the leadership of the country. This means that our members have one very loud, uninterrupted line of communication at their disposal that voices their opinions, concerns and ambitions where it matters most.”

Chetcuti ended his blog post by expressing his eagerness to spearhead the great work that The Chamber does together with members, council, and staff for the benefit of Malta’s business community and the country at large.

Read the complete blog post here.

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‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’