“A Long-term Plan Needed”

28th March 2019

Leader of the Opposition questions the sustainability of Malta’s economic successes 

The country needed a long-term plan to determine which industries suited Malta’s sustainable economic growth needs best, according to the Leader of the Opposition Hon Dr Adrian Delia.

Dr Delia, was being interviewed by EMCS partner Mr Stefano Mallia during ‘The State of the Maltese Economy’ organised by the Malta Chamber and EMCS on 27th March.

The Leader of the Opposition asked who was benefitting from the successes the country was achieving. He noted how Malta had registered the lowest remuneration per capita growth in the past six years, arguing that persons on the lower end of the income scale were not benefitting from the successes registered by the country.

He said that economic growth should not depend on growth in population size as this would accentuate certain issues relating to sustainability.

Focusing on issues related to transportation, Dr Delia said that the country needed a metro system in place. He said that resurfacing roads at a great cost was not going to result in any benefit for the country, as a long-term plan was warranted.

Referring to the up and coming sectors of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, Dr Delia expressed his agreement with the Government’s policy to legislate the sectors in order to attract investment. He remarked that these sectors require smaller volumes of human capital, hence this was in line with the proposed structure model being proposed by the Opposition.

28th March 2019

Prime Minister addresses ‘State of the Maltese Economy’, an event organised by the Malta Chamber and EMCS

27th March 2019

Chamber President addresses ‘State of the Maltese Economy’, an event featuring leading voices on the subject, providing an analysis of the performance of the Maltese Economy

27th March 2019

The Chamber Vice-President said the Chamber’s proposals were primarily focused on maintaining the importance and relevance of Malta’s domestic workforce.

27th March 2019

“Sustainable mobility has to be at the top of our agenda," the General Manager of Malta Public Transport said.