A piece-meal solution is no solution at all

23rd May 2017

Malta needs a new transport strategy that incorporates a multi-modal transportation infrastructure within a long-term vision for the country’s transport requirements.

The traffic situation in Malta has become a major source of concern for businesses. “The country needs a coherent, holistic and long-term strategy to permanently address the gridlocks that the country is currently facing” the Malta Chamber said in its pre-electoral proposals document.

The Malta Chamber said that it had become profoundly concerned about the acute traffic situation in Malta that is negatively impacting the economy and the environment. Quoting the Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development within the University of Malta, the Chamber said that Malta will experience a total cost of €274 million a year increasing to well over €300 million by 2020 due to traffic congestion.

Corroborating these views, the European Commission’s Country Specific Recommendations (22.05.2017) said that emissions of greenhouse gases from traffic continue to grow in Malta, and the country is unlikely to reach its 2020 emission targets.

The Malta Chamber said that Malta needs a new transport strategy based on an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable plan, that incorporates a multi-modal transportation infrastructure, with a stronger involvement of the private sector within a long-term vision for the country’s transport requirements.

The Chamber said that it was clear that Malta’s transportation infrastructure needed major investments in order to build the safest, most effective and sustainable multi-modal transportation system.

Logistics Hub

“Due to Malta's strategic location, the country could become a regional logistics hub for exports,” the Chamber said.

“The successful development of this sector requires a co-ordinated and joint effort for the development of a national Logistics Strategy. This should be a top priority for the next government. Through this strategy, the country needs to develop a clear vision of how the Logistics sector will prosper and contribute towards further export-led growth for the country, as well as the initiatives to be taken by both the public and private sector” the Malta Chamber’s pre-electoral proposals document said.

The Chamber presented the document which is titled Policy Proposals for a Competitiveness-centred Electoral Manifesto to the Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat and the Leader of the Opposition Dr Simon Busuttil. In all, the document proposes 71 concrete deliverables split in to 12 chapters, each tackling an important aspect of Malta’s economy.

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