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A positive indication for Moneyval

5th January 2021

In an article about what the future holds for 2021, The Malta Chamber President speaks with Times of Malta’s Giulia Magri about Moneyval predictions.

Although it is too early to share predictions regarding the outcome of the Moneyval assessment, The Malta Chamber President, Perit David Xuereb, was positive about the indications so far.

“We expect the measures the Government has been implementing to provide positive results,” said Perit Xuereb.

However, the Chamber President noted how success could not be achieved unless a unified effort was made. The Malta Chamber, as Malta’s foremost guardian of the country’s competitiveness, has taken it upon itself to lead this concerted effort, and shall endeavour, with all its resources at its disposal, to help obtain a favourable outcome for Malta, the President noted.

“It is crucial that once this assessment is behind us, all efforts are kept in place to maintain the highest of standards. We must appreciate the lessons learnt through this ordeal, and through constant proactive action and keeping transparency a priority,” concluded The Chamber President.

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A positive indication for Moneyval