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A proactive approach towards good governance practices

22nd January 2021

The ‘Report on Public Procurement Reform 2021’, is a further development of The Chamber’s advocacy of best practice in this area

“This report is testament to The Malta Chamber’s restless effort, to not only promote good governance but also proactively propose ways how this important value can be improved in practice,” said The Malta Chamber President during the launch of The Public Procurement Reform 2021 Report this week.

Welcoming members of the media, Perit Xuereb noted that The Malta Chamber had continuously championed the cause of good governance. “During the early months of 2020, we launched a document titled ‘Ethical Business calls for change - A Manifesto for Good Governance’ which included 60 concrete recommendations. The same document included a number of recommendations, which addressed Public Procurement and the importance of ensuring best value to the public, fairness to economic operators and transparency,” said Xuereb.

The ‘Report on Public Procurement Reform 2021’, is a further development of The Chamber’s advocacy of best practice in this area. It offers a detailed analysis of the matters surrounding the crucial process with which the Government spends its public funds.

The document was developed after a consultation process with its members and through a working group of experienced individuals and professionals from across the economy. The document serves as valuable guidance for the necessary reforms that are needed, in order to ensure that economic operators are able to perform on a level playing field when tendering for government purchasing requests.

These reforms also serve to ensure that national funds are deployed to their best potential and in the interest of the general public. “The Chamber insists that such procurement exercises must be accessible to all eligible economic operators, free from impropriety and in compliance with the law” Perit Xuereb said.

In conclusion, the Chamber President thanked the members of the Working Group which was led by Vice President Ms Liz Barbaro Sant, and included Former President Mr Anton Borg, Council member Mr Marcel K. Mifsud, and members Ms Maronna Filletti, Mr Mary Gaerty, and Mr Roderick Abela. The group was assisted by Policy Executive Mr Julia Aquilina, while Dr Clement Mifsud Bonnici (Ganado Advocates) was the professional advisor on the process.

The document presented was developed in collaboration with Ganado Advocates.

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A proactive approach towards good governance practices