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A shift in mentality is needed towards healthier lifestyles

6th January 2021

During the television programme Popolin, The Chamber President shares his views in favour of a shift towards a healthier lifestyle

“The pandemic provided us with the right opportunity to truly appreciate and prioritise what is most important in our day-to-day lives. Covid-19 allowed us to become more sensitive towards mental and physical wellbeing. This in turn encouraged us to consume more local and fresh goods paving a move towards a healthier lifestyle,” said Perit Xuereb during an interview on the local television programme, Popolin on TVM yesterday.

The Chamber President noted that this shift in consumption would not only have a direct impact on supply and demand and therefore, a decrease in price of healthier food options but would also have a positive effect on our carbon footprint and climate change in the long run.

Commenting on the concept of a tax on food items which include excessive amounts of sugar, Xuereb said that such methods would have little to no impact on diminishing obesity levels in Malta. “The focus should be on educating and informing people of the risks associated with eating unhealthy foods in order to help control obesity levels. Introducing a tax without any sort of incentive will only put more pressure on the most vulnerable, as has been shown in studies abroad” continued Perit Xuereb.

“As we have seen throughout these past months, Covid has taught us that with the right mix of determination, education and enforcement, we can all adhere to a more safe and secure way of living,” concluded The Chamber President.

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A shift in mentality is needed towards healthier lifestyles