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A smart island, brimming with opportunity

19th December 2020

The Malta Chamber President augured the two countries to grow closer, and consider all opportunities, towards a sustainable future

During a webinar about business opportunities and relations between Malta and France, President Perit David Xuereb spoke about the historically close ties that existed between the two Mediterranean countries, and how both sides could work towards taking the commercial relationship to a new high.

Perit Xuereb said that there was great opportunity for collaboration between Malta and France, especially in the crucial area of research and innovation.
“Malta has all the right criteria to act as a testing ground for R+I projects, for larger countries. Such projects have been very successful in the past – a success which could be emulated, to great benefit for both sides, into the future” the Chamber President said.

Speaking about the challenges of 2020, Xuereb said that “Covid-19 has provided us with the opportunity to appreciate our true realities from both a personal as well as a commercial point of view. Themes such as mental health, quality of life, climate change and global warming took centre stage, as we all adapted to new changes. The past months also offered us a number of lessons that we should not ignore once the pandemic is over” said Perit Xuereb.

The President praised the event which was organised by Business France, The Maltese-French Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the French Embassy in Malta, as it shone a light on the strengths Malta and France shared, and on which a closer bond could be built.

In conclusion, the President augured the two countries to grow closer, and consider all opportunities, towards a sustainable future.

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A smart island, brimming with opportunity