Accountability, Transparency, Rule of Law 

21st January 2020

The Malta Chamber discusses its recommendations aimed at accelerating the process of restoring Malta’s reputation as a trusted and credible economic partner on the global scene

“In order to strengthen good governance, the country needs to focus its energies on accountability, transparency and the rule of law” claimed the Malta Chamber in its document ‘Ethical Business calls for Change – A manifesto for Good Governance’.

The document outlines a detailed and objective action plan for Government, in favour of a culture of Good Governance. It is the result of a multidisciplinary working group made up of a number of expert contributors, tasked with proposing concrete recommendations which were in turn presented to the new Prime Minister only four days following his investiture.

The Chamber’s views were extremely well received by Dr Abela who declared that he was very much on the same page of the Chamber on the subject.

Referring to the more than 60 recommendations in the document, the Chamber said that if implemented, these measures would help accelerate the process of restoring Malta’s reputation as a trusted and credible economic partner on the global scene.

“Good governance, integrity and ethical business are among the core values of the Malta Chamber. For this reason, in recent years it has taken an active role in making relevant public and private representations. Clearly, recent political and social events have created a climate of undue uncertainty within the local business community, causing a negative impact on business confidence and on the country’s reputation in particularly sensitive sectors” the Chamber said.

“In this light, it expects complete integrity in all persons serving in public office, whether elected or appointed. They must lead by example and take the indisputable moral high ground where legitimate concerns or doubts concerning their conduct or behaviour are raised. Politicians are elected for 5-year terms and their outlook is short-term. Business and investment have a longer time-span and politicians must ensure that their work and their actions are complementary to, and not out of step with, those of entrepreneurs who have a longer vision” the Chamber noted.

23rd January 2020

A Public Procurement MasterCourse guaranteed to give attendees the knowledge needed to gain a competitive edge over their competitors when submitting tenders.

20th January 2020

Malta Chamber reacts to Government implementing proposals from the document it presented to the Prime Minister titled ‘Ethical Business calls for Change – a manifesto for Good Governance’.

17th January 2020

“Ethical Business Calls for Change – a manifesto for Good Governance by the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry”, contains more than 60 concrete recommendations in favour of a culture of good governance.

17th January 2020

In the past days, the Malta Chamber has embarked on a series of company visits, aimed at reaching out to the operators in several fields.