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“Actions towards a zero-carbon economy is an opportunity for economic growth and our nation’s wellbeing”

6th November 2020

Perit David Xuereb, shares the Chamber’s views on the country’s ambitions for a zero-carbon economy

“It is of fundamental importance that a clear vision has been set, as this will motivate true actions that will drive these long-term goals of a zero-carbon economy to be reached. From a business point of view, having a clear view of what the end-goal is, remains critical” said Perit David Xuereb, as he participated in a discussion on the European Ecological Pact organised by MEUSAC this week.

“As a Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, we have consistently championed this vision and always knew that such an ambition of working with best use of our limited resources while being one with the prioritised values of our customers will lead to healthier lifestyles and improved quality of life in a winning formula for society at large. For the first time ever, the EU and the Maltese Government’s vision are strongly poised to make a true and positive difference to the planet’s climate while motivating a new era of economic opportunity and growth driven by zero-carbon economy principles” Xuereb remarked, as he referred to the Prime Minister’s speech during a special cabinet of ministers meeting which was held at The Malta Chamber in August of this year.

Xuereb said that this provides a major opportunity for all entrepreneurs and businesses located in Malta to think outside the box in order to implement the necessary changes while reaping the opportunities of this vision.

“Before the Covid19 pandemic hit, The Malta Chamber was already promoting the concept of a ‘Smart and Sustainable Island’ which did not stop at digitalisation, but also looked at the enhancement of quality of life through respect for our environment. Covid19 allowed us to seriously re-think our present and seek a way forward while speeding up the process to implement those required changes that will make business truly sustainable in the longer term. We truly believe that these changes will lead to multiple benefits which are also driven by an improved appreciation of the importance of the mental and physical wellness of our society” said the Chamber President.

Perit Xuereb went on to explain how The Malta Chamber had presented a series of immediate return proposals that could be implemented as early as next year.

“The Chamber considers 3 main areas of opportunity that can be easily incentivised to immediately pave the way towards our long term carbon economy objectives. The construction industry’s reputation may be elevated through measureable forms of design and development actions that respect neighbourhoods and the environment in a true and tangible manner. Transportation in Malta, its electrification and improved efficiency is the second immediate priority. The third would be smart investment in the agricultural industry to enhance the quality of the food we eat and improve the economic returns to this industry that will reassure us with a secure supply at all times.”

“We are at a pivotal point, where the business community and the national economy are to benefit from the alignment with quality of life and the environment. This corrective action through a re-engineering of our businesses is sorely needed, and is urgent” David Xuereb concluded.
The Chamber President was joined on the discussion panel by the Hon. Dr Carmelo Abela Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister, the Hon. Dr Miriam Dalli MP, and Mr Glenn Micallef.

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“Actions towards a zero-carbon economy is an opportunity for economic growth and our nation’s wellbeing”