AGM 21

Address by Perit Xuereb at Chamber AGM

25th March 2021

In the past two years, the Chamber continued to build on its respected past, as it identified where it wanted and needed to be in the future.

Addressing the Annual General Meeting of the Malta Chamber, outgoing President Perit David Xuereb said that while Covid was a major disruptor in the past months, the Malta Chamber still managed to reach its goals, and represent businesses in Malta throughout one of the most challenging times of our history.

“There has never been a better time, than this time of stimulation, to rise to the occasion, and work hard to make a difference in our personal lives and that of our businesses,” said Perit Xuereb. The Chamber President was reflecting on the main highlights of his Presidency in the past year.

He said that the achievements of the Chamber were the results of the collective efforts and hard work of hundreds of Chamber members, including Council, the Board of Management who together with the permanent staff at the Chamber, worked in unison, and contributed tremendous and aligned energies towards this ambition.

He said that in the past two years, the Chamber continued to build on its respected past, as it identified where it wanted and needed to be in the future.
“We determined that we want to be relevant and timely. The Chamber became proactive, determined and effective in its ambition to be ever so relevant to membership.” Xuereb said.

Referring to issues of governance and rule of law, Perit Xuereb said that the news currently unfolding in court were shocking. He said that the country needed to get this dark chapter over and done with, in order for the healing process to begin.

“Let’s make sure to do everything that needs to be done, and put all the mechanisms in place so that similar episodes will never happen again”
The Chamber President noted how The Malta Chamber had taken a leading role in the area of Good Governance and promoted serious and professional recommendations to the Government, the regulators and its own members. With reference to Moneyval, he said that the Chamber had engaged with partners from the Financial and Legal specialisms to propose actions that would support Malta get through this test. He said that “while serious actions need to be taken, these cannot be implemented at the expense of driven, honest and entrepreneurial business-persons of integrity, who are working hard to get the Country through and out of the effects of the pandemic.”

Xuereb also recalled how for the first time in its history, the Chamber had hosted a Government cabinet of ministers meeting in its main hall, during which the Prime Minister announced his economic vision for the country. This Governments’ vision reflected the vision which the Chamber had announced earlier in the year and which was also well received by the Opposition and all social partners. He noted his pride to see the Chamber effectively aligning a national economic vision across political and social parties.

The President also reflected on how the establishment of a series of horizontal thematic committees would detail the recommended delivery of this economic vision as they will continue to provide the right structure for business leaders to organise and drive tangible and innovative solutions, to achieve this national Chamber vision of our Country’s medium to long term future.

“We are eager to move from lockdown to rebound,” Perit Xuereb said. “The Chamber will remain active to support businesses and the country as a strong national thought leader, and engage in a sustainable resilient economy driven by honest, coherent and professional business leaders,” Xuereb said.
The AGM was also addressed by the President of the Republic His Excellency Dr George Vella, the Prime Minister of Malta Dr Robert Abela and the Leader of the Opposition Dr Bernard Grech.

Address by Perit Xuereb at Chamber AGM