Airbnb to go public in 2020

19th September 2019 

The company reportedly generated €904m in revenue during the third quarter of 2018.

The giant home-sharing rental company Airbnb announced plans to go public in 2020 on Thursday, without specifying exactly when in the year this will take place.

The last private valuation found the company to be work €28bn ($31bn) in September 2017, according to PitchBook.

Business insider reports on Airbnb’s teaser about a potential IPO dating back to March 2019, with cofounder Nathan Blecharczyk reportedly saying that the company “had not decided if we will go public in 2019”.

Preparations have been underway for its IPO throughout 2019, however the company has been, up until today, scant on details.

Several start-ups have gone public in 2019 with varying results. Uber and Lyft have spent most time since going public trading under what they opened at.

Business Insider reports that Wall Street has heavily anticipated Airbnb’ IPO. TechCrunch found that the company generated €904m ($1bn) in revenue during the third quarter of 2018.

Last November, Dave Stephenson, the former Amazon vice-president, joined Airbnb, fuelling speculation that the company would be going public soon.

20th September 2019

Roughly 150,000 holiday makers would be impacted should the company collapse.

19th September 2019

On Thursday it announced the launch of the trading feature for Standard and Premium customers in 26 markets, including Malta.

19th September 2019

The Malta-based start-up will be launching its crypto-Mastercard in the coming months.

19th September 2019

The concept store is just opposite Bond Street tube station, one of its busiest in all the UK.