All Set For Malta Chamber Council Election

7th March 2019

The complete list of candidates is being made available to voters.

As provided by its statute, the election for the Council of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry for 2019 – 2021, is scheduled to take place on the 25th, 26th and 27th March 2019. This process shall follow the Annual General Meeting which shall take place on the 25th.

Nominations closed on Tuesday, with the following members proposing their names for election to the Executive Board of the three Economic Groups and Council for the years March 2019 to March 2021. This list is being made available to members for the information of voters in accordance with Article 6.8 of the Statute.


(Alphacom Int Services Co Ltd)
FAVA REGINALDF.V. FarrugiaM. Dalli
(Chemimart Group)
MAMO ANDREW W.J.F.V. FarruigaC. Vassallo Cesareo
(Galdes & Mamo Ltd)
MIFSUD MARCEL K.R. MagriF.V. Farrugia
(Pharma-Cos Ltd)
TABONE ANTHONY P.V.A. GaleaC. Vassallo Cesareo
(Philip A. Tabone Marketing Ltd)
(Domestica Ltd)
ZAHRA CHARLES A.F.V. FarrugiaC. Vassallo Cesareo
(E. Theuma & Co Ltd)


CACHIA PATRICKM. FauserR. Cuschieri
(Actavis Ltd)
(Motherwell Bridge Industries Ltd)
CUTRONA DOREENR. CuschieriP. Cachia
(Idroplast Manufacturing Ltd)
(Playmobil Malta Ltd)
MUSCAT BRIANM. FauserR. Cuschieri
(Multi Packaging Ltd)
PACE JOSEPHM. FauserB. Muscat
(Consolidated Biscuit Co Ltd)
(Raesch Quarz [Malta] ltd)
(Toly Products Ltd)


Candidate ProposerSeconder
ARRIGO HUGHJ.E. SullivanD. Xuereb
(Attard & Co Ltd)
CASOLANI IANM.E. SullivanJ.E. Sullivan
(Belair Property)
(Agilis IT Business Solutions)
 SULLIVAN MATTHEW E.J.E. SullivanN. Xerxen
(Sullivan Shipping Agencies ltd.)
(Fenech & Fenech Advocates)
(QPM Ltd)

Voting will take place at the Exchange Buildings on the following days, on Monday, 25th March 2019 Immediately after the Annual General Meeting up to 7.30 p.m. (or as directed by the Electoral Commission); on Tuesday, 26th March 2019 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and 3.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. Voting shall also take place on Wednesday, 27th March 2019 9.00 am to 3.00 p.m.

The examination and counting of votes will be held at The Exchange Buildings, Valletta, 27th March 2019 at 3.00 p.m. Members are reminded that in order to be entitled to vote at the elections, the ELECTORAL CERTIFICATE annexed herewith and an identification document (a valid ID Card, Passport or Driving Licence) must be produced on the day of voting.




Frank V. Farrugia is Managing Director of Alphacom Int. Services Co. Ltd., Alcom Enterprises Co. Ltd.
He joined the Chamber in 1976 and has since held various posts on the Council, namely Honorary Treasurer in 2001, Honorary Secretary in 2002-3, Vice President in 2013-15 and Deputy President in 2015-2017. He also served as member of the Chamber’s Ethics, Import Levies, SME, VAT and Taxation Committees; Chairman of the Manufacturers and Exporters Trade Section; Member of the Commission Agents Screening Commission and as a member of its Trade Section; Chairman of the Importers Trade Section, Council Member and Director of METCO representing the Chamber. He is currently the President of the Chamber.

He has represented the Chamber on a number of Boards and Committees, including: the Malta Standards Authority, and as President and Vice-President of the Libyan Maltese Chamber of Commerce, the Council of the Maltese Arab Chamber of Commerce, the Conservatorio Vincenzo Bugeja and also served as Honorary Secretary of the Maltese-American Chamber of Commerce.

He has served as Chairman of the Commercial Agents Commission and of Malta Chamber Foundation. He represented the Malta Chamber on the Building Industry Consultative Council and currently represents the Chamber on Malta Enterprise, Employment Relations Board, MCESD, Jobs Plus and the Malta College for Arts, Science and Technology. He is a director of Trade Malta and Tech MT.

In his private capacity Mr Farrugia was Director of Malta Countertrade and has served for several years as President of Lions Malta Host.


Andrew Mamo is Managing Director of Galdes & Mamo Ltd. He has been a member of the Malta Chamber since 1990. Mr. Mamo has served regularly on Council since 2001 and as an Officer from 2003 to 2013 as well as on a number of other Executive Committees. In 2015-2017 he was Chairman of the Importers, Distributors and Retailers Economic Group and for the last two years he has served as Chamber Vice-President. Mr. Mamo is one of the Malta Chamber's representatives on the Conservatorio Vincenzo Bugeja.


Marcel K. Mifsud is a Director of Pharma-Cos Limited, a leading family business in the healthcare sector established in 1974.
For the past 22 years he has led the aspects of the business engaged in sales of medical devices and medical consumables.
Marcel first became a member of the Malta Chamber in 1993 and has since contested the elections of the Healthcare Business Section in 2006, 2011, 2015 and 2017.
He was successfully elected to the Executive Committee of the Healthcare Business Section in the all the years he contested and tirelessly contributed to numerous initiatives aimed at enhancing the business environment for this sector as a whole. Most notable are initiatives such as the implementation of the Late Payment Directive on the Ministry of Health Contract Agreements.


Anthony P Tabone is CEO of Philip A Tabone Group that comprises a number of companies servicing the construction, real estate, building materials, heavy plant and machinery, and consultancy industries.
Mr Tabone graduated with a degree in International Business from Richmond University in London, UK, and prior to that was educated at St Aloysius College, B’Kara.

Following 10 years based out of Dubai, Mr. Tabone was CEO of Smart City Malta, where he led a team and effected a number of changes within the organization.
Mr. Tabone is the Consul General for Malta in Dubai and Northern Emirates. He is married to Patricia Tabone and has two children.


Christopher Vassallo Cesareo BA Hons (Marketing) born in 1970, husband of Katia nee’ Cuschieri and father of two boys Jack and Alexander. Following his junior years studying at De La Salle College, he furthered his studies at the University of Boston and graduated in Marketing.

On his return to Malta, he was employed as Sales and Marketing Manager with Domestica Limited a family owned business which was setup in the seventies. His career at Domestica Limited flourished and in 2006 he was appointed as managing director.

Mr Vassallo Cesareo has been a Council member of the Malta Chamber since 2013. He is also currently Vice Chairman on the San Anton School Board and a member of Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem.


Charles A. Zahra has run the family business, E. Theuma & Company Ltd, since the early 1990's importing and exporting various raw materials from textiles to paper to marble, granite and stone.

For the past eight years, Mr. Zahra has sat on the Council of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and has served on the Board of Management for the past term and other terms in the past. He has also served on various committees within the Malta Chamber, including the Importers Trade Section, the Textiles and Wearing Apparel Trade Section, the Electoral Commission and the Commission Agents Trade Section which he chaired for a number of years. Mr. Zahra is representing the Chamber on the Building Industry Consultative Council, MEUSAC and has also represented the Chamber Malta Employers' Association.

He is currently serving as a director on the Malta Business Foundation, the Trade Fairs Corporation and the Fairs and Exhibitions Ltd and sits on the Executive Board of the Importers, Distributors and Retailers Economic Group.
Mr. Zahra was also a Council member of Maltese Italian Chamber of Commerce for various years. He has served as Chairman of the Vintage Vehicles Classification Committee within Transport Malta for many years and has sat on other Boards within this authority. He is the Chairman of the Federazzjoni Maltija Vetturi Antiki where he served for over 20 years.



Patrick Cachia has been working in the Pharmaceutical Industry since 1994. His background was in operations and manufacturing departments until 2012 when he was assigned the role of Managing Director of Actavis Ltd and further on in 2014 he was also assigned the role of managing director of ArrowPharm Ltd. Currently he leads Malta Operations for Teva Industries Limited.

Mr Cachia is a Pharmacist by profession and completed an Executive MBA in 2011 at the University of Malta.
He has been Vice-Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Business Section Executive Committee for a number of years and is a Board Member of the Foundation for Medical Services and the Faculty of Science at the University of Malta. He is also a committee member of Sliema ASC. He has led the Manufacturing Economic Group as Chairman for the last year.

Mr Cachia has experience in manufacturing and management and will be able to continue to contribute positively to the Executive Board of the Manufacturers and Other Industries Economic Group in the next 2 years.

Mr Cachia is 47 years old, married to Natasha and has two children.


Ing. Ruben Cuschieri is an Electrical Engineer, having graduated from the University of Malta in 1992. In his 26 year career, he has occupied various management roles in leading local and international companies, gaining vast exposure and experience in the international sphere, particularly in the manufacturing & related Industries sector. He has also provided consultancy to a number of local and foreign companies. In the past ten years he has occupied the role of General Manager of the German company Seifert Systems Ltd. and has recently joined Motherwell Bridge Industries Ltd in the role of Managing Director. In the past two years he has served on the Manufacturing Executive Group committee. Ing. Cuschieri is also a Director of Malta Industrial Parks and a committee member of the Hal Far Tenants Association.


Doreen Cutrona is a co-founder of a manufacturing company in the plastic industry. She is graduated in Leadership & Management from the Institute of Leadership & Management in the UK.

She is a self-driven business leader and with the goal to expand the business, she has successfully enabled the company to diversify into multi sectors and internationalizing by exporting its products to Spain, India, Dublin, USA, North Africa and Middle East. She is a Director on board of Business 1st, the one stop shop for businesses. She is married, the mother of four children and a firm believer of “being optimist, setting impossible goals making them possible and leading by example”.


Matthias Fauser is the Chief Executive Officer of PLAYMOBIL Malta Ltd.

The Group of Companies was originally set up in Malta in 1971 and today employs approximately 1300 people. Currently PLAYMOBIL Malta Ltd is extending its factory premises to include a new extension block.

Matthias Fauser has been employed with PLAYMOBIL Malta Ltd. since 1992 when he first was engaged as Manager of the Printing Department, consecutively he held the post of Chief Operating Officer until October 2012, following which he became the company’s CEO.

He held a managerial post with another international manufacturing company in Malta from 1989 to 1992.
Matthias Fauser is a tool maker by profession (Master Craftsman) and worked in the automotive supply industry in Germany before he came to Malta.

Matthias Fauser upgraded his professional background through distance studies and holds a degree as “Technischer Betriebswirt” (Technical Economist).


Brian Muscat has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and is currently the General Manager of Multi Packaging Limited, manufacturers of corrugated board and boxes. He has 30 years’ experience in the Manufacturing Industry, 18 years at Playmobil Malta in the position of Head of the Printing department and as an Executive within the Sub-contracting department. In 2006 he joined Multi Packaging Limited as an Operations Manager, after 7 years in this position he was appointed to General Manager.
In 2015 was co-opted to the Executive Board of the Manufacturers and other Industries Economic Group at the Malta Chamber of and up to today still forms part of this Group


Joseph Pace qualified as a Certified Public Accountant in 1976. Between 1971 and 1981 Joseph Pace was employed at Dowty (Malta) Ltd. in the position of Cost Management Accountant. Between 1981 and 1984 he was financial controller of Maritim Selmun Palace Hotel a joint venture between Air Malta, the national airline and Maritim of Germany.

In 1984 Joseph Pace joined Consolidated Biscuit Co. Ltd. as Group Financial Controller. He was appointed General Manager in 1987 and Managing Director in 1990. Consolidated Biscuit Co. Ltd. was incorporated in 1981 to manufacture biscuits under a Technical Assistance and Trademark Licensing Agreement with United Biscuits of the United Kingdom. In 1985 Consolidated Biscuit diversified successfully into snack foods production. The Company was the first food company in Malta to introduce a HACCP food safety system and to become ISO9002 compliant. The Company is now BRC certified and sells its products in some of the major multiples in Europe. It currently employs over 190 persons and exports seventy five per cent of its production.

Besides being the managing director of Consolidated Biscuit Co. Ltd. Joe Pace is currently serving as a director on another two group companies. Since early 2001 Joseph Pace has also been a member of the Governing Council of the Malta Federation of Industry and since the merger of the Federation with the Chamber of Commerce he participates in a number of working groups. In 2018 Joe Pace was appointed director on the board of Trade Malta representing the Chamber of Commerce Enterprise and Industry. Joseph is married to Lilian and they have three children, Roseanne, Stephen and Elaine.


Marisa Xuereb is Managing Director of Raesch Quarz (Malta) Ltd, a subsidiary of a German stock-listed company. She has been a Council Member representing the Manufacturers Economic Group for the past four years, serving on the Board of Management for the last two. She was appointed Director of Malta Enterprise, and represents the Chamber on the Board of Governors of Education Malta, and the Technology Development Programme Committee of MCST. Her 22 years of experience in the manufacturing sector are supplemented by a strong academic background, as she holds a Master’s Degree in Economics and has undertaken several research assignments.


Nick was elected to the Chamber Council and Manufacturers and Other Industries Economic Group in March 2015 and has been an active member since. Nick, is an accountant by profession, starting his career with PwC in 1988 and consequently moved to manufacturing in 1999 with one of Malta's iconic manufacturing companies, Trelleborg as Finance Director, a post he occupied for 12 years until 2011. During his time in Trelleborg, Nick actively involved himself in a number of initiatives with the FOI and subsequently with the Chamber. Nick was also Chairman of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority between 2008 and 2013, during a period that the gaming industry flourished in Malta. In addition, Nick occupied the post of CFO of Air Malta, being part of an international team that drove a major restructuring programme of the national airline, reducing considerably the airline's losses. In June 2014, Nick joined Toly Products, as Group CFO, a post he currently occupies. Toly Products is spread across the globe, with its headquarters in Malta, manufacturing plants in Malta, China and South Korea, a trading business in Hong Kong, and sales companies in Paris, London, New York, Belgium, Malta and Hong Kong.



Hugh Arrigo is Director within Attard & Co Ltd. and also a Founder Director and largely responsible for the establishment of the following JV companies operating within the Attard & Co Group of Cos.

World Express Logistics - logistics providers also including the provision of Supplier Managed Inventory & Vendor Managed Inventory services.

Evolve limited - servicing the Pharma companies, the hospital, the university, the food and beverage industry and the microchip industry both in Malta and overseas.

First Bridge -provision of financial services, T4 B Servicing the building industry with an emphasis on green solutions.

ProSecure Services limited - servicing the forensic and security industries with the provision of border control solutions, development of software also offering biometric solutions. Attard & Co Imaging Offering consultancy and total solutions to the pre press industry.

Mr Arrigo has served on the Chamber’s Council since 2015. He has been a member of the Chamber’s Board of Management in 2017-2019. He is also a founder council member of the Maltese Chinese Chamber of Commerce and a Council Member of the Maltese Libyan Chamber.


High energy leader with an innate ability to drive strategy, lead people and achieve results. Entrepreneurial by nature and able to see the ‘bigger picture’, utilises skills from an extensive experience within the family business from business and stakeholder performance and analysis to business development. Has an excellent record of initiating and leading turnaround growth strategies and remains resilient and unfazed by challenges. Liz is known as an inspirational leader with a supportive yet challenging management style that motivates both teams and individuals to achieve and exceed targets and job responsibilities. She never stops investing in self-growth.


Ian Casolani was born in 1974 and graduated from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK) in 1998. He is the Managing Director of Belair Property, a company he has been instrumental in developing and growing over the past 27 years and which is now recognized as one of the leading players in the real estate industry.
He has served two terms as Chairman of the Real Estate Business Section at the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as President of the Federation of Estate Agents (FEA), which he has also been involved in since its inception. Through this, he has been regularly active in discussions with government on schemes and policies related to the property sector.

Ian is married with two children and is passionate about sailing, which he does his best to enjoy in his free time.


Marcel has been involved in the ICT Industry for over 25 years, working on numerous projects and implementing solutions within private industry. He currently holds various directorships on companies involved in blockchain solutions, AML compliance and business software solutions. He is the Managing Director of Agilis IT Business Solutions.
He founded and managed Key Services, a company offering IT managed services, training and software solutions, employing over 30 staff. In 2013, the company was acquired by PWC Malta.

A member of Chamber for the past 20 years, Marcel has held various posts, including IT Business Section Chairman, Chairman Smart City Action Group and Chamber Council member and currently E Skills Foundation.


Matthew comes from a finance background having spent 15 years in PwC, seven of which in the Italian Office in Milan. Today Matthew heads the corporate and finance division of Sullivan Shipping Agencies Ltd and is actively involved in the strategic planning and business development of the company. Matthew is also Deputy Chairman of J.B. Sorotto Limited, an associated group company involved in ship registration and related corporate services. Matthew has been a council member of the Chamber for the last four years and in the last two he served as Chairman of the Services Providers Economic Group. He also sits on the Executive Committee of the Association of Ship Agents and on the Council of the Malta Employers Association and in February 2013 was appointed Honorary Consul of the Republic of Korea.


Alison Vassallo heads the Yachting Department and is a Partner within the Marine Litigation Department at Fenech and Fenech Advocates. She holds a Doctorate of Laws and a Masters Degree in International Maritime Law. She has over the past 12 years advised owners and financiers on the acquisition and sale of private and commercial yachts, structuring, registration, financing, chartering, crewing and fiscal requirements while speaking and publishing regularly on the subject. Furthermore, her areas of practice embrace all aspects of maritime law. Alison chairs the Executive Committee of the Yachting Trade Section (Chamber of Commerce) and is an Executive Committee Member of the Malta Maritime Law Association.


David graduated from the University of Malta in Architecture and Civil Engineering in 1991 and then from the University of London in Structural Engineering in 1993. He is the Chief Executive of QPM Ltd. providing professional consultancy services in Design, Engineering, Management and Archaeology in all areas requisite of the construction, development and built environment industry. Practice areas include Malta, UK, most European states, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. His technical experience varies widely in most areas of design, engineering and management that has led to current professional interest focus on all to do with sustainable development, resource management and Climate Change action. David lectures at the Faculty for the Built Environment of the University of Malta and is a director of the Building Industry Consultative and Executive Councils. He has been elected to the Council of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry since ten years and has deputized for the President of the Chamber during the last two years. He chairs the Chamber’s Energy and Environment Committee, is a member of the Climate Change Board and is a Trustee of the Conservatorio Vincenzo Bugeja.

13th March 2019

Mr Leitl spoke of the important role that business people and entrepreneurs played within the social ecosystem, and the need for there to be backing from other sectors of society in order for this role to be effective.

7th March 2019

The session provided a step-by-step explanation of the guidelines relating to VAT on the hiring of pleasure yachts, published by the Maltese authorities earlier this month.

27th February 2019

“Make it”, will shed a light on the great opportunities that exist in the manufacturing sector. This campaign means to expose inspiring stories of young people who have chosen a rewarding career path in manufacturing.

25th February 2019

The Chamber firmly believes that due to the irreversible nature of construction, it would be detrimental to the country to flood the market with new residential property that may remain vacant when the economic cycle eventually turns.