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Almost €75m spent on research in 2018

21st July 2020 

Male employment was predominant among researchers and technicians

Total expenditure in research and development amounted to €74.6 million in 2018, increasing by €8.7 million, or 13.2 per cent, over the previous year.

The National Statistics Office said the business enterprise sector contributed to 63 per cent of the expenditure, and the contribution by the higher education and Government sectors was 35.9 and 1.2 per cent respectively.

Basic research accounted for 52.2 per cent of the total money spent, followed by applied research - 33.3 per cent - and experimental development - 14.5 per cent.

People doing R&D work in the period under review numbered 2,502, of whom 1,510 spent a proportion of their time on R&D projects while 992 dedicated their entire working time. The highest R&D employment was registered in the higher education sector (1,329 employees), followed by the business enterprise sector (1,090 employees.

Male employment was predominant among researchers and technicians, with females accounting for 35.6 per cent of total R&D employment.

The NSO reported that Government budget allocations for R&D last year amounted to €29.9 million, that is, €4 million more than to 2018. The highest outlays were recorded in the socio-economic activities related to health (€6.2 million), industrial production and technology (€5.5 million) and political and social systems, structures and processes (€5.1 million).

Almost €75m spent on research in 2018