Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak sets up blockchain-based energy saving firm in Malta

Helena Grech - 19th July 2019 

Surprisingly, Wozniak also said that Malta has been on his mind for “decades” and that he always wanted to live on the island.

Co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, has set up a blockchain-based company focussing on energy efficiency, called EFFORCE, in Malta.

Wozniak, a co-founder of the newly established company, said that the scope behind this new venture is to assist people to save money on energy while also doing something positive for the environment.

He was speaking at the pre-launch of the Delta Summit on Thursday night, one of Malta’s leading digital innovation events.

Wozniak stressed that blockchain technology has the potential to improve the efficiency of how energy is used, leading to lower energy consumption without changes to consumer habits.

He went on to say that EFFORCE has had success in delivering this goal, adding that blockchain is more secure than the use of standard servers.

In discussing the choice of Malta as a jurisdiction to do business in, Wozniak pointed to the government’s willingness to provide legal certainty to the blockchain sphere through legislation passed. Surprisingly, Wozniak also said that Malta has been on his mind for “decades” and that he always wanted to live on the island.

Jacobo Visetti, Wozniak’s fellow co-founder of EFFORCE, said he has been exploring the area of energy efficiency some years ago, and how these can be applied to blockchain technology.

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