Apple issues new warning for iPhone 11 users 

1st October 2019 

The company published a support document on 24th September warning buyers of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max against using third party repairers to fix or replace the new devices' display.

Last week Apple published a support document warning buyers of the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max of warnings issued when display repairs or replacements are carried out by third party repairers.

The move is set to have serious financial implications on iPhone users as certified Apple technicians tend to charge more for their services.

Apple claims that “the iPhone display is engineered together with iOS software for optimal performance and quality. A nongenuine display might cause compatibility of performance issues”.

It goes on to produce a list of potential problems:

“If a service provider uses non-genuine display parts, the following might also occur:

Multi-Touch issues

Multi-Touch might not respond on parts of the screen;

Degraded Multi-Touch performance, such as missed screen touches or touches not registering in the right location;

Touches might unexpectedly register during a phone call;

Display might not turn off during phone calls;

Accidental edge or palm touches might register;

Display brightness and colour issues

True Tone display doesn't function correctly;

Lost or degraded function of the ambient light sensor, causing the screen to dim or brighten incorrectly;

Incorrect display color calibration, such as the display to appearing too yellow or blue;

Display isn't uniformly bright;

Lower maximum brightness;

Unintentional battery drain”.

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 display warning message / Apple Support Document 

Should the new iPhone 11 series detect a third-party repair, Apple’s document says that the user will receive a warning message: “Important display message. Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple display. Learn more”.

Apple continued to write that “only technicians who have completed Apple service training and who use Apple genuine parts and tools should replace iPhone displays”. Forbes reports that this in effect means even if a third-party repair service uses genuine Apple parts, the warning message could still be triggered should the technician failed to have purchased their tools from Apple.”

After having contacted several Apple repair outlets in Malta, it was confirmed by various technicians that in the past, iPhone users have complained of sub-par performance after having their devices repaired at non-certified retailers.

However, seeing as the new iPhone has only been available in Malta for a week, none could confirm whether it is guaranteed that a warning message and problems would arise should users choose to fix their displays at non-certified repair shops.

To read the full support document, click here

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