Apple splashes out on redesign for its privacy policy web page

8th November 2019 

The company is striving to differentiate itself from competitors such as Facebook and Amazon.

Apple has redesigned it’s privacy portal webpage in an effort to accentuate its differing privacy policies from its rivals.

In a tweet by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday, he wrote:

“At Apple, privacy is built into everything we make. You decide what you share, how you share it, and who you share it with. Here’s how we protect your data.”

Mr Cook provided a link to Apple’s new privacy portal, which highlights protections the company takes on behalf of users for each of its products and apps.

This latest move underscores the company’s efforts to differentiate itself from big tech competitors with regards privacy, a massive bone of contention in 2019. Apple is aggressively marketing its focus on privacy by comparing itself to the likes of Amazon, Facebook and Google, which make money by commoditising and selling personal information about users of their services.

A large part of Apple’s business model works differently however, making a large portion of its profits from selling hardware, software and services to customers.

CNN reports on comments by Mr Cook to its very own anchor Christiane Amanpour where he expressed his wish for Governments around the world to restrict the amount of data companies are able to collect from their customers.

Facebook, Amazon and Google have all been rocked by scandals over the issue of privacy, with Facebook being hit the hardest following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Data from hundreds of thousands of users were harvested without their knowledge through a third-party application and used for the benefit of Cambridge Analytica’s clients.

Check out Apple’s new privacy portal here.

8th November 2019

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