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Annual Subscription : € 256.00

Admission Fee : € 25.00

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Have you ever, been questioned, investigated, or been subject to, legal action or sanctioned by a local or international govermental, professional or other regulatory body including financial and Police authorities and particularly in relation to persons known to be involved in terrorism, money laundering, corruption and/or arms/human trafficking.


Have you ever been charged or convicted of any criminal or commercial offence including an offence involving fraud or dishonesty or any other offence under whatsoever legislation relating to financial or commercial/company matters or removed from any fiduciary office or position of trust?


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Extract From The Statute:


Article 3.1


(a) All persons, not being Prohibited persons or Public officers, who are or were engaged in any form of commercial, industrial or services activities in or from Malta, are eligible for membership.

(b) A person shall be admitted to membership of Malta Chamber only once. He shall not be eligible to a second or multiple memberships.

(c) Membership shall not be transferable.



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