Are The Maltese Open To Crowd Investing?

5th March 2019

Local crowdfunding platform ZAAR wants to know.

Local crowdfunding platform ZAAR has launched a new survey that aims to measure the investment appetite of the Maltese community.

It is hoped that the short online survey, which is a joint initiative between ZAAR Crowdfunding and Grant Thornton, will offer valuable insights into how locals regard alternative investments, such as start-up financing and crowd investing initiatives.

“The survey results will validate the current market for crowdfunding in Malta, while helping us to understand what the local investor knows and thinks about investing in start-ups,” explains ZAAR Manager Matthew Caruana. “Not only will it help to determine the best way forward in terms of crowdfunding, but it will also be beneficial for start-ups to see exactly what investors are looking for. Likewise, the policy makers and stakeholders within Malta’s start-up ecosystem will also benefit from a better understanding of the current investment sentiment.”

In the 10-minute anonymous survey, participants begin by outlining their demographic information including their gender, age group, level of education, country of residence and average annual income, before answering questions in relation to their familiarity with investments and crowdfunding.

Respondents then go on to advise their risk tolerance level, if they have previously invested or have considered investing in various financial products, whether they have ever used or donated towards crowdfunding, and whether they would be interested in investing in start-ups.

Finally, since ZAAR plans to set up an investor community that will cater for potential investors in start-ups and equity-based crowdfunding campaigns, respondents are asked if they would be interested in joining such a group.

“Through the survey we also aim to establish possible interest in joining an investors’ club or community,” Mr Caruana continues. “ZAAR will organise events that will enable investors in that community to network and learn more about investment opportunities through seminars and pitches, so it could potentially offer a big step forward for the local investment market.”

Visitors are invited to take part in the short online investment appetite survey via the ZAAR website at 

7th March 2019

The new stakeholders will launch an annual Golf tournament for C-levels, named iGaming Invitational, which will be organised for the very first time at the Royal Malta Golf Club on 8th May 2019.

28th February 2019

The starting price for a Hästens bed is €4,000, which – when you think about the fact that it will last you for the rest of your life – amounts to the cost of an espresso a day.

26th February 2019

"A demo slot at Finovate events offers a powerful platform to garner press attention, speak with potential customers, network with peers and discover partners,” said Kristoff Zammit Ciantar, CEO of Aqubix.

26th February 2019

Stephen Borg is now responsible for heading the Group’s Wealth and Fund Management arm, which is a key area for Calamatta Cuschieri Group and an important aspect of the firm’s growth plan.