At least 300,000 people take part in climate strike across Australia, thousands expected in Europe

20th September 2019 

Hundreds are expected to take part in the planned 20th September climate strike this afternoon in Valletta.

At least 300,000 people have taken part in the largest ever climate strike across Australia yet, as environmental activist and student Greta Thunnberg takes the lead on planned strikes in around 150 countries.

In Melbourne, the event drew some 100-150,000 people while Sydney’s strike drew a crowd of around 80-100,000.

In Vanuatu, the deputy prime minister delivered a harsh statement by addressing the US, Canada, Australia, Japan and New Zealand directly, saying they are “to blame for this threat to our survival”.

Massive protests are expected to take place across the United Kingdom, while in Malta some hundreds are expected to take part. The strikes were initially geared towards school students, as the younger generation will continue to bare the brunt of global environmental degradation.

Malta’s strike is expected to take place in Valletta and will start around 5:30pm this afternoon at the Triton Fountain.

From there, the march will head towards City Gate and towards Maltese Parliament.

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