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Atlas donates €6,600 to Adam’s Memory Fund

28th February 2022

TeamAtlas collected €3,300 as part of their annual Christmas donation, and that amount was doubled by Atlas to €6,600.

Atlas Insurance has donated €6,600 to Adam’s Memory Fund, which was set up by staff member Angele Cocks Zammit Mckeon (Manager, Personal Insurance) and her husband Clive Cocks, following the unfortunate passing away of their baby, Adam. TeamAtlas collected €3,300 as part of their annual Christmas donation, and that amount was doubled by Atlas to €6,600.

In total, Adam’s Memory Fund collected €10,500 during this period. Founder Angele explained that the money collected was donated to different organizations which provide care to vulnerable children and their families.

She said: “This was quite an emotional experience, but it has given us so much back. Knowing that we put a smile on a child’s face during the Christmas period has given us some of the love we are so longing for following the demise of our young child.”

“I want to thank all who showed us support through their donations, and to TeamAtlas, who I am a proud member of, for once again stepping up and showing support to us,” Angele said.

Adam’s Memory Fund donated €5,000 to the Maltese Ursuline Sisters of St. Angela Merici, which runs nine homes around Malta and cares for poor and abandoned babies and young children.

Puttinu Cares, a well-known charity that provides care and accommodation to the families of children seeking cancer treatments abroad, received a €3,000 donation from the funds that were raised.

Angele and her husband Clive also spent €1,400 on toys which were donated to the Rainbow Ward play area at Mater Dei. Another €1,100 were given to The Remembering Fran Foundation, a voluntary organization which works to provide sick children with medication and equipment they need, as recommended by consultants at Mater Dei Hospital. NGO Smiling with Jerome, which was set up in memory of cancer victim Jerome Frendo, also received a €600 donation from Adam’s Memory Fund.

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Atlas donates €6,600 to Adam’s Memory Fund