Attention BOV customers: last day to activate new Mobile banking app

13th September 2019 

‘After the 14 September customers need to visit a branch to activate BOV Mobile banking,’ the company website reads.

Bank of Valletta (BOV) customers have until today (13th September) to activate BOV Mobile banking using the BOV Internet banking service, accessed through the black secure key.

“It is important to activate BOV Mobile banking from your BOV Internet banking before the 14 September and then download BOV Mobile banking application onto your smartphone.

“After the 14 September customers need to visit a branch to activate BOV Mobile banking,” reads the company website.

The scope behind the move is to give customers the option not to have a BOV secure key, and to access all their online banking through the BOV Mobile Banking application.

Those who still wish to use a physical key may order the new version, which comes in white, against an annual payment of €10 for personal use and an annual payment of €15 for non-personal banking.

“You can access Internet Banking on the go even if you do not have your BOV Securekey,” reads information on the website.

The secure key, introduced in 2003, provided customers with the option to view their accounts, make payments, transfer between accounts or to third parties and top up their mobile phone. BOV was the first bank in Malta to introduce such a service.

16th September 2019

The Nestlé Institute of Packaging Sciences focuses on a number of science and technology areas, such as refillable or reusable packaging, simplified packaging materials, recycled packaging materials, high-performance barrier papers as well as bio-based, compostable and biodegradable materials.

13th September 2019

The world-famous brand is known for its double-decker macarons.

12th September 2019

Several local companies in a number of industries will now compete in their respective categories at a European level.

12th September 2019

Targeted development sites will be in and around Central London within the Greater London commuter belt, therefore having excellent road and rail connections.