Average Maltese worker needs 19.2 days to save up for the new iPhone

11th September 2019 

It was found that the Swiss are best off, needing only 4.8 days to save, while Mexicans are the worst off, needing to work for 54.2 days.

An analysis carried out by picodi.com, a smart shopping platform, found that on according to the average salaries in Malta, a worker would need 19.2 days to save up for the latest iPhone 11 Pro.

According to the site, the going price in Ireland for the 64GB iPhone 11 Pro is going to be €1,179, with the same device in Malta expected to be set at the same price.

iPhone index

The shopping platform compared the price of the iPhone 11 Pro with average national salaries of dozens of countries.

While the average annual salary in Ireland is calculated to be roughly €37,000, according to the Central Statistics Office in Ireland, it would take an average Irish worker 9.7 days to save up for the new phone.

With Maltese workers earning on average just 19,390, according to the National Statistics Office, it would take the average worker a total of 19.2 workdays to save up. Malta ranks 16 from last out of the 41 developed countries surveyed for the analysis.

In the lead of the rank are the Swiss, Americans and Luxembourgers, where the ratio of the iPhone’s price to the average salary is the most attractive. A statistical analysis found that the Swiss should be able to save up for iPhone 11 Pro in 4.8 days, an American – in 5.8 days, and a Luxembourg – in 6.7 days.

The reverse record belongs to Mexicans: an average resident of this country would have to lay aside 54.2 days’ worth of wages to buy the iPhone. In countries like Montenegro or Russia, the new gadget has got the value of 48.5 and 47 workdays, respectively.

Detailing the shopping platform’s methodology for the analysis, it highlighted how “The iPhone Index 2019 has been calculated on the basis of iPhone 11 Pro prices announced publicly on local Apple or authorised seller websites. The average salaries come from the countries’ official ministry or statistical office pages. We divided the weekly wages by 5 and the yearly wages by 251 – the average number of workdays in a year.”

Read the full report here.

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Average Maltese worker needs 19.2 days to save up for the new iPhone