Bad Boy Cleaners launches several CSR initiatives helping to combat the spread of COVID-19

28th May 2020

‘Even though the company was negatively affected by the pandemic outbreak, we did not cut back on voluntary support, to the contrary, it has been stepped up.’

As the COVID-19 virus has become a reality the country is ever-so-slowly coming to terms with, Malta, together with the rest of the world, has been tasked with adjusting to a new normal.

A normality, that is not only affecting the business world, but is also impacting the way organisations support communities. Organisations such as NGOs and charitable foundations have been hit two-fold: financially, as the impact of COVID-19 dries up financial resources, and their workforces, as people have been encouraged to stay indoors.

However, as the age-old adage goes, every cloud has a silver lining, with plenty of stories of companies and organisations coming together in acts of kindness, by helping those worst impacted by the virus.

A new breed of superheroes has been discovered which have kept essential services going, such as healthcare workers, cleaners, waste collectors and supermarket attendants to name a few.

A leading example of one company assisting the community is Bad Boy Cleaners which has been helping numerous entities and communities on a voluntary basis to keep their places clean, an element which has been critical in the fight against this pandemic.

Bad Boy Cleaners has just turned 50 last year, and, over the past year it has developed a strong reputation for providing an impeccable service. Bad Boy Cleaners are a standard in the industry locally, set not just from a business perspective, but also for its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Bad Boy Cleaners have been assisting on multiple fronts; it has teamed up with Dar tal-Providenza as it experienced a shortage in cleaning staff and is providing cleaners on voluntary basis to keep the residences clean for the residents and staff. In the past weeks, the company has also carried out various cleaning jobs on different locations owned by the Dar tal-Providenza. Other similar non-profit organisations are also benefiting from our services.

Bad Boy Cleaners is also working with Chef Dario on his initiative – Feeding the Heroes – by cleaning their kitchens spotless and has supported numerous local councils around Malta to make sure the country’s localities look and feel clean.

It has also donated around 200 hand sanitiser dispenser machines to local councils, entities, and shop to further protect the community.

Managing Director Claudine Ellul Sullivan said that even though the company was negatively affected by the pandemic outbreak, the company did not cut back on voluntary support, to the contrary, it has stepped this up.  

Thanks to the highly dedicated and professional team at Bad Boy Cleaners, Ms. Ellul Sullivan believes that the company’s role is that of giving back to society as we’re stronger together! The company has also, in conjunction with another cleaning company, assisted families in need to have better access to education through the donation of 100 tablets as the company believe that one on one should be left behind.

Ms. Ellul Sullivan concluded by saying that this is an opportunity for everyone to come together and support each other, as there’s always positive emerging even from such difficult situation.

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