Bank of Valletta upgrading its IT Systems

16th December 2019 

Announces temporary limited services and two days of closure for business.

Bank of Valletta will be upgrading its IT systems and in view of this will be offering limited services as from Friday 27th December 2019. BoV will be closed for business on Monday 30th, Tuesday 31st December 2019 and Wednesday 1st January 2020 (Public Holiday). It will resume operations and banking services as from 8.30 am on Thursday 2nd January 2020.

During this period, customers will be able to continue using their BOV Cards and BOV Pay in the normal manner in retail stores, restaurants and all other outlets, locally, abroad and online. In addition, cash withdrawals and balance enquiries will remain available from all BOV ATMs. Customers may also withdraw cash from non-BOV ATMs including locally and abroad (normal charges apply). The Customer Service Centre will be available for reporting lost or stolen cards and card fraud.

All other services including payments, BOV Internet Banking and BOV Mobile Banking will not be available during the upgrade period as from the following cut-off times:


Cut-off Time

Services interrupted:

Back in service

27th December



12:00 pm

ATM Services – Deposits (cash and cheques), Viewing of Recent Transactions, Transfer between Accounts, Cheque Book and Deposit Book Orders through ATMs

Nightsafe Deposit Facility



Thursday 2nd January 2020 at 8.30 am


BOV Cards, BOV Pay and Cash Withdrawals from ATMs will operate normally throughout the whole upgrade period



 2:00 pm

Payment services through all channels (including payments through Branches and Internet Banking)

28th December



11:00 am

Branches (will close at 11:00 am instead of 12.30 pm)

 5:00 pm

Internet and Mobile Banking systems

30th December


BOV closed for business

31st December


BOV closed for business

1st January


Public Holiday

2nd January


BOV open for business at 8.30 am


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