Bank Of Valletta Women Get A Haircut For Hope

8th March 2019

BOV invited its employees and their family members to cut eight inches of their hair during a hair-a-thon at Dean Gera.

This year, Bank of Valletta celebrated International Women’s Day with the BOV Hair for Hope Challenge. The initiative centred on the power of women giving hope to other women by donating their hair to the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation (MCCFF).

BOV invited its employees and their family members to cut eight inches of their hair during a hair-a-thon at Dean Gera. Their hair will be transformed into real-hair wigs and distributed by MCCFF to people undergoing treatment for cancer and other medical conditions.

“Hair is a vital part of our identity and hair loss can be devastating. Losing my hair was to a certain extent, worse than battling cancer in itself,” said a BOV employee who is herself a cancer survivor.

“I felt robbed of my femininity and it hugely impacted my confidence and self-esteem. It affects life in a way that most people would not understand. It is difficult to understand the healing power of hair and how a wig can improve the life of a woman with cancer when you have healthy hair.”

It was a tough decision for BOV ladies to take the plunge and cut their long hair. 'Before I cut my hair I was truly indecisive and scared, but the thought of giving hope to another woman gave me the courage to go for it,” said Rose, one of the BOV women who donated her hair. “The experience was magical, I felt like I was gifting my energy, strength and love.”

Customers visiting Bank of Valletta branches were presented with a small token to inspire them to donate their hair to women who are battling the toughest fight of their lives, giving them hope, courage and confidence.

For information on how to donate hair, please visit 


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