Be Transported In Elegance

Jo Caruana - 16th November 2017

Promising executive vehicles and the very best personalised service, Elegance Chauffeur Drive is so much more than a cab company.

It’s a busy morning for Elegance Chauffeur Drive company directors Tony Cutajar and Dmitry Golomovzy – the majority of their stunning fleet of executive-level cars is out on the roads, and there’s lot to coordinate when it comes to matching drivers with clients, and ensuring nothing goes awry on Malta’s hectic roads.

But I am impressed by the sense of calm that prevails. Despite their incredibly busy schedule, Mr Cutajar and Mr Golomovzy are calm and collected, safe in the knowledge that their team is the best it can be – a true example of exemplary service and an unmatched product, within an industry that has a lot to prove.

Elegance Chauffeur Drive company directors Dmitry Golomovzy and Tony Cutajar.
Photo by Alan Carville

“I have worked in the traditional market within this sector for a long time, over 25 years in fact,” says Mr Cutajar, who started his career as a driver. “I have always wanted to go fully-executive and to offer a superior service to Malta’s ever-improving level of clients, although it was something I knew would be quite hard to do on my own.”

That’s where a chance meeting with Mr Golomovzy comes in, when he used Mr Cutajar’s services when visiting the island himself, and they got along brilliantly. Together they agreed that the chauffer-drive industry in Malta could improve substantially and that there was a severe lack of options for VIP clients – both in terms of service and vehicles. “One day I suggested the idea for a very high-level chauffer-drive company and that inspired us to start working on it about a year ago

Photo by Alan Carville

“Operations actually started around four months ago and the company has grown quickly – yes, it’s been a bumpy road on occasion and it hasn’t been easy to penetrate the market, but we’re very pleased with the headway that’s been made and the positive impression that we have left upon our clients. We have built a business dedicated to the very best that this industry can offer – which has long been my dream – and we have proved that it can be done. Now we provide our services to everyone from government clients and conference delegates, to high-end wedding parties and top office administration.”

Both men stress that quality is the absolute cornerstone of everything they do. For instance, the Elegance fleet is completely unique on the island, with 10 brand-new Mercedes vehicles ranging from E and S-Class to V-Class. “We’re the biggest executive chauffeur drive company in Malta and we focus on it exclusively; we don’t compete in any other sector,” Mr Cutajar says. “I am not saying that there aren’t similar cars on the roads, but it is quite rare to find chauffer-driven cars of this calibre.”

Beyond that, the vehicles are also maintained to the highest standards, and there are little extra touches included for the clients’ convenience, including umbrellas, drinking water, complimentary Wi-Fi and tissues. The cars also have panoramic roofs, which means guests can enjoy pretty views – even if stuck in traffic!  

It’s evident, therefore, that Elegance’s high-end clients enjoy the best that the industry has to offer – from ensuring an on-time pick-up to the best level of service from the drivers. “In the last few years, we have noticed a distinct rise in the demand for this type of service, especially from corporate clients flying into Malta for work. They expect the very best, and that is what we are ready to give them.”


In fact, Mr Golomovzy stresses that the entire Elegance team is highly-trained to ensure they can handle even the most high-level requests from clients. “Aside from being fantastic drivers, they are very dedicated to the work that they do,” he says. “It’s not just about driving a vehicle. They are dressed in smart uniforms and always look their best, and are eager to help in any way they can, even when it comes to providing details about the island. In fact, all of our drivers are local, which means they know Malta very well and are able to provide sightseeing information too, if required. They take a very customer-focused approach to their work, whether it’s a corporate pick-up, a tour around the island or a wedding – and we can also provide tourist guides if the client requests one.”

And, although it’s early days for the company, the directors already have ambitious plans for the future of the business – although they’re not likely to rush ahead. “As time goes on, we will focus on expanding the fleet and, possibly, expanding our services in general. However, in the meantime, focusing on the quality of our service will be our number one priority. We’re certainly enjoying it!”


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