Becoming Leaders for a Day

19th September 2019

Participants of the JAYE Malta Leaders for a Day programme shared their experiences of the day, shadowing Malta's foremost business leaders. 

The Malta Chamber hosted the annual JAYE Malta programme Leaders for a Day round-up event, which took place at the Chamber’s courtyard yesterday afternoon. The event brought together business leaders and participating students who took part in the day-long event, which exposes students to the workings of Malta's foremost businesses and the realities of running a business.


The Malta Chamber’s Director General Kevin J. Borg, who was shadowed throughout the day by a participating student, had positive comments about the event, and said that Leaders for a Day proved to benefit both participating students and businesses alike.

Participants of the programme shared their experiences of the day, shadowing Malta's foremost business leaders.

JAYE Close Up

Welcoming participants, Council Member, Mr Chris Vassallo Cesareo, said that the Malta Chamber believed wholeheartedly in such an initiative, and has always supported JAYE in its efforts to promote an entrepreneurial culture amongst the young. He added that: “This initiative, together with the entire programme run by JAYE Malta, compliments the Chamber’s vision that young people should be inculcated with an entrepreneurial culture from a young age.”

Chris Micallef Cesareo

Following the brief introduction, the students discussed the challenges they faced throughout their experience and the solutions they found for each one. During the exercise, they established the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, both on a personal and professional level.

Certificates for all participants were distributed at the end of the event.

JAYE Event

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