Ben Pace Lehner - Adopt Innovative Technologies And Prioritise The Human Element

Rebecca Anastasi - 12th April 2019

According to Director Ben Pace Lehner, the current employment landscape, characterised by increased competition over diminishing resources, calls for more stringent and imaginative methodologies.

Technology is at the forefront of the recruitment approach adopted by Broadwing Recruitment. According to Director Ben Pace Lehner, the current employment landscape, characterised by increased competition over diminishing resources, calls for more stringent and imaginative methodologies.

“The lack of resources means that recruiters need to be smart in their strategies and they need to utilise their time in the best way possible,” he says. Cutting-edge developments, such as the use of AI-driven technology, are useful in this regard since they allow time to be utilised “effectively and efficiently when matching candidates to active roles.”

Indeed, this attitude is at the heart of Broadwing’s approach to recruitment, which possesses a “commitment to providing an agile and effective service to its clients and candidates alike,” marrying the innovative with the personal, according to the Director. “We utilise a cutting-edge recruitment portal, world-renowned CRM, and a team of professional recruiters to identify unparalleled, highly-qualified individuals across all of our disciplines,” he explains when describing how the year-old company, which caters to sectors as diverse as hospitality, financial services, as well as legal and sales, embodies this philosophy.

Moreover, the appropriate – and careful – use of data is central to the company’s methodology. Last year’s GDPR deadline, Mr Pace Lehner stresses, allowed the firm to up their game, giving it the “opportunity to dissect, document and optimise all our processes and stored data.” This approach also allows recruiters “to focus on screening candidates and ensuring compatibility with the hiring company’s culture,” allowing them to focus on the communication process “in order to accurately assess and record the expectations of both parties,” he explains.

Mr Pace Lehner continuously underlines the importance of using these modern techniques with face-to-face communication, marrying technology with the “human element” at each step of the process. “Although technology plays a vital role in the modern world that we live in, recruitment is ultimately about people. By utilising thoroughly trained recruiters we are able to offer a personal approach, matching candidates not only by their skills and experience but also their personality and cultural fit. These expert recruiters are also able to offer support, guidance and motivation to struggling candidates while ensuring that no good candidates are missed out on by the AI algorithms,” he explains.

“We also leverage our international network of recruitment partners to find overseas jobs for our candidates and fill the local skills gap through the relocation of foreign nationals to Malta. We believe this Safe Landing Programme is essential in today’s market and allows us to truly offer a personal approach, helping individuals settle into a new job in Malta as quickly as possible while attracting job-seekers from a larger and much more diverse talent pool,” he concludes.

This article is one of a four-part series on recruitment, originally published in The Commercial Courier


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