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Biden edges closer to victory as Trump mounts fightback in Arizona

5th November 2020

Everything hinges on mail-in ballots

The US election continues to hang in the balance as mail-in ballots are counted in several key swing states, despite President Donald Trump’s premature declaration of victory delivered on Wednesday at 2am. 

Trump had also accused the Democrats of electoral fraud, while his legal team has mounted challenges across the country. His tweets to that effect were flagged as misleading by the popular US social media site. 

Biden was hoping to win Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, and he is now projected to win the first two of these states. In Michigan, he overturned Trump’s lead as mail-in ballots were counted from the heavily Democratic Detroit. The Republican Party is calling for a recount, although US electoral experts say recounts do not typically overturn significant margins. 

All eyes are now on Arizona, Nevada and Georgia, along with the still-undecided Pennsylvania. 

If Biden can hold on to his lead in Arizona and Nevada, he will have the 270 electoral college votes needed to win the election. However, his lead in Arizona has been decreasing with every update. In Nevada his lead amounts to only a few thousand votes, but only mail-in ballots are left to count, which are widely expected to lean Democrat. 

The count has not seen the widespread unrest that was feared, although Trump supporters did turn up in Michigan, calling for a stop to the count, and in Arizona, to call for all votes to be counted.

A clear result is expected by Friday.

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Biden edges closer to victory as Trump mounts fightback in Arizona