Black Friday: Enterprising US couple charge shoppers to queue 

27th November 2019 

The Black Friday tradition is thought to have originated in Philadelphia, USA, due to the increased traffic the day after Thanksgiving, when people were off work and took the opportunity to shop.

A couple in the US is offering to camp out all night and queue on behalf of those who wish to splurge on Black Friday deals, but don’t wish to suffer overnight queuing outdoors, as many choose to do.

The enterprising couple, Alexis and Bill Granado, are charging $50 (€45) each to wait outside any store in Upland, California, the night before Black Friday sales begin.

In comments to the BBC, Alexis remarked that her “husband has great ways of thinking when it comes to money.” He unfortunately recently lost his job as a scale operator for a recycling company.

While the concept of paying somebody to queue may seem alien in Malta, Placer, an app available in the US, has been created solely to cater for people who are too busy/unable to queue and is willing to pay others to do it for them.

On UK sites Task Rabbit and Bidvine – advertising services from the self-employed, people can earn between £15 and £20 to queue in someone else’s place.

Black Friday is thought to have originated in Philadelphia, USA, since people noted the added traffic caused by pedestrians and cars taking advantage of the Thanksgiving holidays to shop. Black Friday is held the day after Thanksgiving, when American workers generally have the day off.

Anecdotal evidence from last year’s Black Friday in Malta, as well as social media commentary, show that there are locals who book the day off work in order to take advantage of deals.

27th November 2019

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26th November 2019

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22nd November 2019

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22nd November 2019

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