Marta Bugala

Administration and Marketing Executive, CorporateGiftsMalta

Marta Bugala is an Administration and Marketing Executive at CorporateGiftsMalta

Using Promotional Branded Items To Increase Visibility And Connect With Clients

Monday 16th April 2018

When you’re planning your marketing strategy, the obvious priorities are building people’s awareness about brand, connecting it to positive vibes, making it ‘customer friendly’, and most importantly, making it easy to remember.

Marketing campaigns, online and outdoor advertisements are so important in such a competitive world. Reminders for your customers are essential so that they know that your company or products really exist. Promotional branded items help your exposure so that your customers won’t forget you very often.

Everyone loves freebies!

Freebies extend your brand exposure and allow you to reach customers in all sectors of business.

Advertising is key, but its presence and visibility are limited by the certain amount of time, whereas promotional items have a much longer life!

Studies show that:

90 per cent of consumers reported that they currently owned or possessed a promotional product that they received in the last 24 months.

76.2 per cent of consumers can recall the product, advertiser and message of a promo item they’d received in the past 24 month.

How to choose the right product ?

We believe that there is a perfect gift for every business and occasion. However, with almost infinite possibilities, it’s hard to choose suitable gifts for our clients.

Here are some crucial hints what every Promotional Branded Item should meet:


77 per cent of consumers say a promo item’s usefulness is the first reason to keep it.   


58 per cent of consumers said that they keep the gift items from one to four years.

A high-quality product which will be useful for a long time would be a good reason to recommend your company to others as a solid brand.


53 per cent of the time, promotional products create a more favourable impression of the advertiser and attitude to the company.

Contact information

The name of your website, phone number and e-mail address on the Promotional Branded Products are crucial to simplify contacting your company for products and services.


Making your promotional item different from your competitors could easily catch attention and cause curiosity which will make you more memorable.

Now when you know how to choose your branded item, the next step is where and when to use promotional branded items?

Here are a few examples / ideas:

1. Introducing new products or services

2. Getting clients’ attention

3. Building customer relationships

4. Conferences, events or parties

5. Special occasions: anniversaries, Easter, Christmas …

Remember that promotional branded item can also replace your business card in a more effective way, plus your customers or potential clients will associate your company business with positive vibes.

Rewarding your staff!

82 per cent of employees don’t think they’re recognized for their work as often as they deserve

They are your team and an inseparable part of your company’s success.

Company’s recognition culture is an incredibly important to most businesses nowadays.

So keep your team/employees motivated and feeling important that they are an important part of a company success!

To summarise, we would like to give you some more facts:

52 per cent of respondents did business with the advertiser after receiving the promotional product.

78 per cent of workers said they would work harder if their efforts were better recognised and appreciated. 

Sources: ASI, Bamboo HR, Globoforce, PPAI.

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