Paul Baldacchino

Chief Officer, Business First

Paul Baldacchino is the Chief Officer at Business First and has been instrumental in the setting up of Business First. He has been seconded from Malta Enterprise where he has been in charge of a number of Departments since joining in 2004. Paul was also the Project Coordinator at the Institute for the Promotion of Small Enterprise (IPSE) and enjoys banking experience both locally and abroad.

VAT Customer Care Services Integrated Within Business 1st

Tuesday 08th May 2018

As from the 2nd April, the one-stop-shop at Business 1st has achieved another milestone. The VAT customer care services have now been integrated within the Business 1st set up at Mriehel. Hence, the VAT customer care services at Birkirkara are being closed down. Inland Revenue Department now also have a permanent representation.    

VAT and the Inland Revenue Services are now merged into the Integrated Revenue Services in order to improve synergies in the administration of the collection of revenue streams.  Both entities now offer customer care services from the Business 1st office. The presence of these two important entities is crucial in order to build the one-stop-concept.  Other entities also have a regular presence within Business 1st namely;

  • Tourism Authority
  • Environmental Health Department
  • Measures and Support Division (ERDF funded schemes)
  • Malta Enterprise
  • Malta Life Sciences Parks

A number of other entities are also present at Business 1st by prior appointment. The list is gradually growing and already encompasses the following:

  • Arts Council
  • Commerce Division
  • Department of Industrial & Employment Relations
  • Family Business Office
  • Jobsplus
  • Plant Health Directorate
  • Veterinary Services
  • Environment And Resources Authority
  • Medicines Authority
  • Identity Malta
  • Other Regulatory Authorities

Identity Malta will be the next Government entity to start providing a regular presence at Business 1st.  As from May, officials from Identity Malta will be offering services from Business 1st. Initially, the service will run every Wednesday and eventually increase the frequency of the services.  The officials from Identity Malta will support entrepreneurs by offering information, advice and accepting applications from employers seeking to engage workers from outside the European Union.

Entrepreneurs and start-ups can meet up with the representatives of these entities at our offices in Mriehel:

Business 1st

2nd Floor, Cobalt House

Mdina Road

Mriehel Industrial Estate

Mriehel, B'Kara

Business 1st Office hours

8am to 4pm on Mon,Tue,Thur.

8am to 7pm on Wed.

8am to 1pm on Frid.

Business 1st provides a one stop shop for entrepreneurs.  Apart from disseminating information and guidance on the incentives administered by Malta Enterprise, Business 1st helps entrepreneurs to make the best use of the various online services. We are also regularly organising information sessions for entrepreneurs. These sessions are informative and topical.

Business 1st is delivering its services across a mix of channels. These include:

  • telephone support on number 144 (Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm)
  • counter service at the Mriehel Centre  
  • e-mail enquiries on [email protected]

Want to learn more?  Do you need any information?  Give us a call on telephone 144 or visit our website or visit us at our offices in Mriehel.

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