Marcel Grech Mallia

Corporate and Marketing Enterprise Manager at Vodafone Malta

Marcel Grech Mallia boasts over 20 years of experience in the communications industry, with the last 15 employed at Vodafone Malta. Marcel has held several commercial roles in both consumer and business spaces and currently leads the Business Marketing, Corporate Development & Support and Sales functions, whilst forming part of Vodafone’s Senior Management Team. Strategic outlook, team leadership and stakeholder management are amongst Marcel’s strongest recognised skills.

The Importance Of A Robust Telecom Infrastructure In iGaming

Thursday 06th December 2018

The iGaming industry has boomed in Malta, with the island providing a solid regulatory environment, coupled with a varied ecosystem bolstering the industry’s development. In addition to this, the island offers a pleasant lifestyle to iGaming employees which, according to official statistics, exceed 6,600 (employed full-time) persons as at end 2017.

It is no surprise that the growth of the iGaming industry has influenced several local industries and the employment sector. For one, the telecom industry is continuously evolving so as to provide cutting edge technology, enabling the development of iGaming.

Gaming is not just for the recreational punter who wishes to pass the time placing bets during Wednesday’s Champions League games – it is also for the highly analytical mind of a poker player who enjoys an online tournament, calculating odds and percentages there and then. Thanks to technological advances which have enabled the Internet to become faster and more efficient, the gaming industry has become more generative, thus creating new opportunities in the gaming sphere.

A fast, reliable, and uninterrupted internet connection is a must for iGaming. The service must be robust and this is especially important for live play such as casinos, sportsbook or online card games. Last July, Vodafone was first to launch its 4.5G network in the Maltese islands. The company also showcased the foundations for 5G technology by trialling breakthrough gigabit speeds on its mobile network. 5G technology also promises to open up new, exciting possibilities as it is uniquely suited to handle growing connectivity needs thanks to its low latency.

iGaming applications are by design elaborate and require minimum latency in order to function as intended together with ensuring real time updating of odds. The technology promises to usher in the next era of immersive experiences with faster, more uniform data rates at lower latency, thus enabling a host of applications. This, without doubt, is key to aid in the continuous growth of iGaming where new applications require advanced testing at high speeds with a reliable connection.

It is vital to provide gamers and respective suppliers with a strong infrastructure both locally and overseas due to the high demands of international communication and travel. With Vodafone’s roaming footprint of over 120 countries coupled with the most extensive 4G data footprint whilst abroad, iGaming professionals are guaranteed an exceptional level of service enabling their endeavours.