David Xuereb

President, Malta Chamber

Perit David Xuereb is the President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry.

Making A Difference In An Increasingly Challenging Economic Environment

Thursday 25th April 2019

The past few weeks have been a very exciting time for the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, as the organisation went through the electoral process which it customarily holds every two years, electing a new President and Council that will serve for the period 2019-2021.

This process provides the Malta Chamber with an open and transparent democratic system which necessitates the choice of the right leadership to propel the Chamber’s priorities at any point in time. This means that the Malta Chamber, within its most intrinsic design, holds the mechanism to allow the organisation to reinvent itself with fresh perspectives and ideas on a regular basis.

This is a very important time for our organisation, as we look ahead to continue building on the work and heritage of our past, while taking all necessary action to be even more relevant in the future.

As happens with every new Presidency, I hope to provide the necesary direction to the Chamber’s vision for the upcoming 24 months. Central to this vision is relevance to members and to the economic scenario, both in the immediate term as well as for the future.

I believe that the Chamber should strive to achieve this by reaching out to tomorrow’s members, hearing them out and striving to bring them on board to learn from them, and aligning the Chamber’s strategy to their needs and aspirations.

The Chamber is very aware that the business community is working in an ever-changing digital and technological environment. In this light, the organisation will endeavour to continuously keep abreast with the latest disruptive business models to match and even potentially lead the way, when it comes to state-of-the-art standards and systems. These in turn will allow the Chamber to deliver its service to an exactingly high level of professionalism, reaching out to new and wider audiences, while identifying new areas of development.

In gearing itself up in the coming months, the Chamber will strive to reinvest itself through an extensive and ambitious business plan that is expected to guide it in adapting to opportunities which it hopes to embrace in the next few years. This ambition, which will eventually be communicated to all members, will be testament to the Chamber’s commitment to remaining a central player in Malta’s socio-economic and environmental scenario.

I am truly appreciative of the fact that the Malta Chamber can boast of a team of brilliant individuals coming from all the economic sectors of the country, that who form the newly-elected Council. In fact, the Chamber’s highest structure consists of a strong mix of experience and young energy – all highly successful entrepreneurs that can guide the organisation towards the challenges of the years to come.

Further to this, I am honoured to note that my Presidency marks 10 years since the merger of the Malta Chamber and the Federation of Industry in 2009. This was a watershed moment for the two organisations which rose above any differences they might have had in the past, and appreciated the strength of collaboration in the interest of their members. The result is that today, businesses have a stronger ally to represent them in matters that concern their day-to-day needs.

I remain steadfast in my belief that the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry is nothing more than the members that make it, and their needs remain the top priority. So it is only natural for me to appeal to all members of the business community to come forward and connect with us, to explore how we can make a stronger difference together.

I am honoured to take the helm of this great organisation at such exciting times. I pledge my service to the Chamber but also to Malta’s business community as a whole to work together. It is now time to make the necessary difference and benefit from the opportunities that will arise from the increasingly challenging international business environment, and therefore continue to build on the current successes of our country.