Francois Grech

Director, Brightspark

Francois Grech is a tech entrepreneur with over 15 years’ experience in corporate IT strategy, digital transformation, and solution delivery. As a founding partner and Executive Director of Exigy, one of Malta’s leading software companies, his involvement with multi-industry clientele provided him with the desire to make HR more than just a one-person job, thus developing the Brightspark platform.

Igniting Team Performance

Wednesday 31st July 2019

Team performance is often a concern for just about every organisation, with Management and HR Professionals frequently faced by the issue of unlocking the full potential of their employees. As a largely time-consuming process, here are some key tips for how to truly ignite your organisation’s team performance;

#1 Embrace a culture of engagement

As one of the key factors encouraging productivity, the promotion of employee engagement is one of the most prominent management trends of recent years. Ensuring that every employee’s voice is heard can be an incredibly effective way to promote productivity, as well as a sense of belonging within a team. In fact, highly engaged employees were found to be around 20% more productive than employees who are not fully engaged. Engaged employees have also been found to record 40% less absenteeism, thanks in no small part to their passion and purpose within the workplace.

Thus, management and HR executives are often looking for efficient methods of ensuring that employees feel engaged within their organisation. Through the emergence of technology within the world of HR, automated engagement tools are now a possibility.

#2 Ensure that employees get the right recognition

Everyone appreciates acknowledgement. Recent studies have indicated that the implementation of some form of recognition system is likely to garner over 60% more engagement from employees. As engagement is becoming more and more important within an open workplace, it has become vital for HR managers to try and find an efficient system that fairly rewards employees for their efforts.

One of the most effective ways that an organisation can give employees the recognition they deserve comes in the form of employee awards. In fact, a 1,000-company study found that employees value recognition, rather than merely pay or benefits, as a strong motivator in engagement.

#3 Encourage employee growth

Nowadays, employees are always looking for new opportunities to grow professionally and acquire new skillsets for their current roles. Through training, employees seek to develop their full potential, allowing your team to evolve and adapt to emerging trends in any industry.

However, this gives HR managers the difficult task of compiling the most useful opportunities for employees, while also having to track the progress that each employee makes with their respective opportunities.

Employees also often face the headache of finding available slots to book any useful training. To combat this, many organisations look for automated training management systems to aid in closely monitoring employee training and progress.

Brightspark is a unified HR platform, suited for all members of your organisation. Financed by Exigy, Brightspark aims to bring together the key components of the HR experience, for each member of your organisation. Collaborate, engage and evolve within your workplace through Brightspark.

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