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Director, Brightspark

Francois Grech is a tech entrepreneur with over 15 years’ experience in corporate IT strategy, digital transformation, and solution delivery. As a founding partner and Executive Director of Exigy, one of Malta’s leading software companies, his involvement with multi-industry clientele provided him with the desire to make HR more than just a one-person job, thus developing the Brightspark platform.

Human Resources is more than just Payroll Management

Monday 09th September 2019

Human Resources and Payroll Management both hold a key role in an employee’s employment experience. However, there still seems to be a misconception among many that HR is solely comprised of Payroll Management. Here are a few points as to why HR is more than just managing payroll.

1. Human Resources is about finding the right people

HR Executives are tasked with finding employees who share the same vision, mission and values as their organization. The recruitment process is becoming increasingly important, as more than 80% of candidates are likely to form their impression about a role or company based on the interview experience given by the company.

Similarly, another 60% of interview candidates have quit halfway through their application due to a flawed interview process, piling on pressure for organizations to ensure an easy and fair recruitment method. Therefore, approximately 6% of total HR Executive work hours is spent on organizing interviews, head hunting and executive searches in order to find the right employees with the right fit for the company.

2. HR is about ensuring law compliance

HR Executives are also tasked with ensuring the Human Resources compliance within the organization. This may mean employing fair recruitment policies, preventing and tackling discrimination within the workplace and ensuring that health and safety workplace regulations are met.

3. HR is about engaging employees

Human Resources is also about the people within the workplace. Workplace Engagement can help employees be more productive, creative and content with their workplace. These benefits are the reason why a staggering 30% of total HR Executive work hours are spent meeting with employees and fostering positive employee relations.

4. HR is about encouraging career development

Approximately 70% of employees feel that they haven’t reached their full potential at work due to a lack of career development opportunities. Due to this, a significant amount of responsibility lies on the shoulders of HR Executives to find and organize appropriate training for each member of an organization’s workforce. This is no small task, given the research-heavy nature of organizing training plans for each and eve

Naturally, this does not mean that HR has absolutely no involvement within the payroll process. In fact, a strong synergy between payroll and HR is vital for the smooth-running of the respective corporation. This is particularly important in the case of recruitment, employee benefits, vacation leave, hiring and firing. Any failure for pay checks to be processed would fall directly on the shoulders of the HR department.

Therefore, it is evident that Human Resources is much more than just payroll and having the right tools for the above challenges is vital to ensure the smooth sailing of your HR department.

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