Sergio Pisani

Police Inspector

Inspector Sergio Pisani graduated with honours in Business Information Systems and Information Technology from Middlesex University. He is a member of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) and a Certified Computer Forensic Examiner (CFCE), the most recognized and respected certification in the field of Digital Forensics.

Why should businesses care about cyber crime?

Monday 23rd September 2019

Internet security may likely not be a top priority when running your business but neglecting the dangers could be costly while also causing a substantial dent to your reputation.

To place the threat in real terms, hackers launch an attack every 39 seconds. Around 3.8 million pieces of information are stolen every day. You may be wondering how this phenomenon could happen when businesses worldwide are reportedly spending in excess of €100bn on cyber security each year.

Attacks are launched using a very simple everyday convenience called ‘e-mail’. The simple-to-use communications tool is becoming more dangerous than ever, as 1 in 131 emails contains Malware, the actual software that enables criminals to interact with your information technology system. These ‘phishing scams’ target victims indiscriminately although businesses’ generic accounts are six times more likely to be targeted rather than personal emails. It is estimated that Criminal Organizations will be filling their coffers with around €5.5tn yearly by 2020. Therefore, it should not be a surprise to you that 19 cybercriminals made their way on the FBI’s most wanted list.

Billionaire businessman Warren Buffet takes a step further by saying that cyber-attacks are the number one problem with mankind, even more so than nuclear weapons.

Cybercrime is going to continue to be a problem. With the world being as connected as it’s ever been, a new breed of criminal needs to be dealt with. Thankfully, there are tools to assist in the handling of online threats and they’ve gotten better over the years.

It is not a case of if you will be targeted, it’s a case of when your business will be next. Do not let cybercrime cause chaos to your business. Protect yourself by using an antivirus suite that is updated with the latest policies, password managers, Virtual Private Networks, encrypted cloud backup services and finally yet importantly educate all your employees.