Francois Grech

Director, Brightspark

Francois Grech is a tech entrepreneur with over 15 years’ experience in corporate IT strategy, digital transformation, and solution delivery. As a founding partner and Executive Director of Exigy, one of Malta’s leading software companies, his involvement with multi-industry clientele provided him with the desire to make HR more than just a one-person job, thus developing the Brightspark platform.

Encouraging Employee Growth

Tuesday 19th November 2019

Employees are always seeking new opportunities to grow, both professionally and personally. In fact, it is cited as one of the top three non-financial motivators, with around 75% of employees seeking opportunities for career growth.

This trend does not seem to be slowing down at any point, with the Millennial generation found to hold a greater sense of priority towards the support, coaching and paths to career advancement.

However, encouraging growth is often brushed aside by companies, with management finding it hard to encourage growth while also ensuring that productivity and profitability are still achieved.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that employee development is often one of the very last things that are encouraged within busy workplaces.

To improve turnover rates and employee satisfaction, here are a few tips to truly foster a growth-oriented workplace;

#1 Coaching and Mentoring

The Harvard Business Review claims that managers today no longer prioritise passing on their knowledge and expertise to their employees. However, managers taking the time to do so not only gives employees greater engagement, but also allow employees to widen their skillsets further, potentially lessening the workload for managers for specific tasks later along the line.

#2 Constructive Feedback

Employees strongly support the value of feedback. 82% of employees appreciate both positive and negative feedback, leading them to feel truly engaged and encourage them to learn from their experiences. Therefore, letting your employees know what you think about their performances is also strongly recommended to encourage further employee growth.

#3 Professional Training

While workplace mentoring and feedback are certainly helpful, professional training is perhaps one of the most effective and well-known forms of employee development adopted by most workplace environments. Formal employee training, supplemented by training books, seminars and e-learning are incredibly effective at cultivating a feeling of skill-based growth among employees.

#4 Lead by Example

One of the most overlooked ways to truly encourage employees to pursue career development is through peer influence. Employees who observe senior members of staff freeing up time from their schedules to ensure that they increase their knowledge base are more likely to value growth.

The key to fostering a culture of learning starts from the most influential members of the workplace. Therefore, leading by example is one of the most overlooked, yet effective, means to encourage the evolution of your employees within the workplace.

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