Edward Chetcuti

Chief Executive Officer, The Malta Chamber

Building on the Value to Members

Friday 11th September 2020

‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’, the old saying goes. No matter how ambitious the destination, every journey starts with that one single first step.

As my third week at The Malta Chamber approaches its conclusion, and as I settle further into the role, I feel inspired to share some insights on my first steps at The Malta Chamber so far.

The past three weeks have been intense. Having been involved in the manufacturing industry for many years, and having led large international companies employing thousands of people across four continents , I am no stranger to the fast pace of business.

Business at The Chamber is different yet similar. Though as an organisation it employs a modest compliment of staff, the Chamber caters for an ever-growing cohort of hundreds of members who are offered near-individual attention.

I feel lucky that my first days, even though in the middle of summer, have been characterised by some very high stake events and initiatives that have immediately focused the mind  on the significant importance of this organisation to Malta’s business community.

The Prime Minister’s meeting with members last week, and the presentation of our budget proposals to Government were only the tip of the  iceberg, in terms of the product offering and value proposition which The Malta Chamber offers to its members.

Members at The Malta Chamber, whether they are a  large employer or a  start-up, whether they have been  involved with the Chamber  for a hundred years, or they just joined during the COVID crisis in search of a strong voice for their concerned businesses, are all given the equal opportunity to offer their views and affect policy position on a national level – an opportunity not to be underestimated.

One of the best strengths the Chamber has, is its standing in public opinion as well as with the people that matter. When The Chamber expresses itself, people take note and that includes the leadership of the country.  This means that our members have one very loud, uninterrupted line of communication at their disposal that voices their opinions, concerns and ambitions where it matters most. The documents, policy positions produced, and all the lobbying  the Chamber engages on are all inspired by its members and their aspirations through a clever system of cross sector horizontal thematics, committees and think tanks. In this way, I believe, The Malta Chamber provides its members with sterling, high quality value-adding which I only look forward to work on, together with members, council and staff, to energize even further leading The Chamber right from the front on our journey to go from being really good to becoming really great, for the benefit of Malta’s business community and the country at large.

This first step has been intense, I am energised to take many more with you.