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Is an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser a gimmick?

Friday 02nd October 2020

Let us start by first understanding the meaning of Sanitization. Sanitization means cleaning or sterilizing an object or body part like hands or whole body.

Sanitization can be done in many ways including UV Sanitization, Soap Sanitization, Alcohol Sanitization, Bleach Sanitization and so on.

Of the above methods, alcohol was found to be more useful for human beings since it is harmless on skin surface, vaporizes easily and kills most of the viruses, bacteria, and removes dirt in our hands.

Alcohol may be expensive for mass scale sanitization of buildings or rooms and a major disadvantage is that alcohol is highly inflammable and requires careful storage to avoid catastrophe. Alcohol also makes hands dry since it absorbs moisture, and hence also needs addition of moisturizers.

Alcohol is basically a solvent, and a very good disinfectant when compared to liquid soap or solid soap. It does not need water to wash off since it is volatile and vaporizes instantly after application to hands.

It is also proven that a concentration of >70% alcohol can kill Coronavirus in hands. Alcohol based hand sanitizers are also provided with antiseptic disinfectants like Chlorohexidine Gluconate.

Minimum concentration of alcohol in hand sanitizers must be greater than 70% for effectiveness against viruses. But, repeatedly touching the hand sanitizer containers to get a drop of sanitizer again initiates contact with persons, which may be risky.

Hence there is need for non contact based hand sanitizer dispenser.

What is an Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

An automatic hand sanitizer dispensing machine is an automated, non contact, alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispenser, which finds its use in hospitals, work places, offices, schools and much more.

In a recent study at a hospital in the US, it was noted that about two million patients per year got infected by bacteria and viruses of all kinds, and it is the 8th leading cause for deaths annually in USA.

It also says that handwashing is important and effective with proper hand washing steps, but washing with soap and water is time consuming for peak hours in hospitals.

This study also showed the effectiveness of the alcohol based hand sanitizers, which reduced infection rates by whopping 30 per cent.

They used hand sanitizers with 60 to 70 per cent ethanol or isopropanol for reducing significant number of pathogens.

The patients were also given about 4.25-ounce containers of hand sanitizer alongside their beds.

After ten months of using hand sanitizers the study showed a result of 36.1 per cent infection reduction. Thus, hand hygiene is very important.

The study also gives a complete comparison between hand sanitizers and soap, foam vs gel, and it says that high concentration of ethanol can reduce the amount of virus particles present in the hand and hence proves the effectiveness of alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

The study has concluded that alcohol-based hand sanitizers are more effective than soaps, and easy to use. It has also concluded that non contact dispensing is again important to prevent pathogen spreading and finally, hand hygiene is most important and must be part of our daily life.

Therefore, as you can seem an Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is SURELY not a gimmick and is a must in very building to help us all keep safe!

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