David Xuereb

President, Malta Chamber

Perit David Xuereb is the President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry.

The restlessness that augurs well

Wednesday 17th March 2021

Over the past twenty-four months, we have embarked on a veritable journey of self-discovery as an organisation. This was also a journey of goal-oriented growth, that has cemented The Malta Chamber as the undisputed foremost business representative body in the country.

When I look back over the past two years, I almost find it hard to fathom the immense work we have done together as a team, and the goals we managed to achieve. This Council, I am happy to call my team, will be leaving a stronger, resilient and ambitious Chamber of a stronger national standing in all aspects, which is held in high regard by all of the country’s institutions, and is on a steady trajectory for further growth and success. The Chamber’s actions that are relevant, honest, timely and professional have been the ingredients of this successful formula.

I do not wish to wax lyrical on what our achievements have been in the past two years. These are well detailed by our formidable executive team in this and last year’s annual reports. I do wish however to reflect on why we decided to take this quantum leap, and how we did it.

Firstly, we were driven by absolute and unashamed objectiveness and relentless national ambition. Every step of the way, we studied and addressed every issue objectively, and took the right steps, in the interest of our members, without looking anyone in the face.

This led to our Chamber becoming the undisputed thought-leader in all issues that affect business and the quality of life of the Maltese. Be it the Economic Vision, Good Governance, Public Procurement, the National Budget process, COVID-19 assistance to businesses, the need for Business Re-engineering, Brexit, and so many other issues, we never stood shy nor minced our words, and always put you, our members, first.

With every priority that the Chamber identified, we rolled up our sleeves, engaged with as many members as possible, engaged with experts, understood the global dimension, studied options, priorities and recommendations well, took a pro-active approach and communicated effectively. We managed to bring on board the finest minds the country has to offer, and formulated a veritable patrimony of thought rich documents which we presented to Government and all relevant authorities. All documents were filled to the brim with concrete, measurable proposals, which I am pleased to note, most of which were appreciated, accepted and implemented into national policy.

We rose to many challenges. COVID 19 offered the perfect storm, as the globe’s economy ground to a halt. However, we chose to see the opportunity in these challenges, and offer real guidance and leadership. I feel we grew closer to our members, as we offered tangible support while we all navigated the uncharted territories of the pandemic. We vociferously expressed the true and tangible concerns to Government, and we made a difference and have been truly impactful.

This did not go unnoticed, as more businesses saw the true value of becoming part of our Chamber. We grew in new areas bringing on board business leaders with true and real engagement from an array of backgrounds, industries, and sectors. Today our organisation is richer and more diverse than ever, and this is possibly one of our greatest achievements. The Chamber has captured the aligned energies of many and channelled this into true value to members and the country at large.

Looking back I am satisfied that we have come a long and meaningful way. The restlessness of our members, however, is well reflected in every breath of our organisation, and that will continue to augur well as we strive through the next steps in history that remains in the making. I am truly proud and happy to form part of the Malta Chamber of Commerce since this has enabled me to work with the best and most inspiring business leaders in an honest, objective and intelligent manner that has enabled meaningful impact. I am honoured to have led this organisation during the past two years. I wish to thank you all for making this experience a truly positive one.

This foreward was taken from The Malta Chamber's Annual Admin Report 2020/2021