Helga Ellul

CEO, Advise Ltd

Helga Ellul was Managing director of Playmobil Malta Ltd till 2012. The company was set up in 1971 and currently employs over 1,000 people. Following her retirement, Helga set up a consultancy company Advise Ltd, and is board member and Chairman of various local businesses. She has also held various posts on boards of both constituted bodies and governmental organisations. Helga was the first female President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, with her tenure ending in March 2011. She was awarded the Midalja ghall-Qadi tar-Repubblika in 1994 and received the Officers Cross of the First Order on behalf of the German President by the German Ambassador Bernd Braun in 2011. Helga is married to Joseph A. Ellul and has two children, Christian and Chiara, and two grandchildren Maya and Thomas. Her family has always been her top priority and her biggest achievement has been to combine career and family.

A national platform for CSR

Saturday 30th April 2016

I was delighted to be approached to contribute as a blogger on this impressive business portal. It well and truly does justice to the Malta Chamber and Content House Ltd, who have joined forces in putting it all together. My congratulations are in order, particularly in my capacity as the first President of the Malta Chamber after the merger with the FOI in 2009. Communications was one of my main priorities during my presidency, and I am very happy to see, through this new portal, that communications remain a strong priority.

Today, I write in a different capacity – that of Chairperson of the CORE Platform on which I was originally nominated to represent the Malta Chamber. In September 2016, HE the President of Malta officially launched CORE as the national CSR Platform for Malta. The idea to create this platform emerged, as in Malta a great number of CSR activities are already performed by businesses together with NGOs, but very much in an unstructured way and in a manner that may not necessarily give the maximum possible benefit.

Personally, I was drawn to the idea as I truly believe in the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility, and the true advantages that can be reaped from it, both for the business as well as the community affected by that business.

During my tenure as President of the Malta Chamber, I always supported all efforts in favour of the establishment of a sound CSR culture. In fact, the Chamber had joined forces with Bank of Valletta at the time to undertake a project dedicated to CSR and which was subsequently awarded a prize for National Enterprise Support.

CORE cements the efforts of a number of organisations in this field into one solid and national effort that enjoys the patronage of Malta’s highest office, and I am honoured to serve as Chairperson to it.

In fact, during the meetings of the task force before the launch, it was immediately established that the CORE Platform should be business-driven. To this effect, the leading business organisations in Malta – together with SOS Malta (representing the NGO Sector) – formed the Executive Committee which is assisted by Farsons Foundation, Tumas Foundation, BOV Foundation, Inspirasia and AX Holdings.

The aim of CORE is to promote, debate, raise awareness and disseminate the concept of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate social Responsibility. Through support of activities, CORE will aim to develop stronger bonds between businesses, NGOs and communities. CORE will support experiences of exchange and mutual learning amongst members and stakeholders at national and international levels.

CORE Platform Malta is a member of CSR Europe and their National Partner Organisation in Malta. CRS Europe is chaired by IBM Europe and has more than 40 CSR Organisations in more than 30 European countries.

The priorities for the immediate future for CORE are to reach the SMEs in Malta, and make them more aware about the importance of CSR and work with their local communities. This goal will be reached by the development of a CSR Award that will reward businesses that show excellence in this field. The balance between minimizing risks through accountability and maximizing opportunities through transparency and social innovation is at the very heart of CSR Europe Enterprise 2020.

I am a strong believer in CSR, as throughout my long business career I have first-hand experience that it makes business sense.