James Busuttil

Design Consultant, Dex Workspaces

James Busuttil has been a sales and design consultant at Dex Workspaces for two years. He has over five years of experience in sales, particularly in the furniture industry. At Dex, he specialises in office furniture, handling small purchases from individual customers to major projects of corporate organisations.

Noise: the invisible profit-killer in your office

Friday 21st October 2016

There's an invisible profit-killer running amok in your office. His name? Noise. His weapon of choice? Distraction.

Wreaking psychological and physical havoc on your people, this unseen saboteur chips away at the bottom line of companies across Malta and Gozo.

Cramped office spaces, the popularity of open-plan design and proximity to traffic-heavy roads allow excessive and loud noise to build up around you. Over a typical eight-hour workday, constant exposure to noise sends concentration levels crashing and causes stress levels to spike.

The result:

  • Team members are anxious, irritable and more error-prone in their work
  • Instead of talking to each other, people use earphones and chat
  • Calls with clients are cut short or suffer from miscomprehension
  • Details are glossed over or misunderstood and important decisions taken without due consideration

The damage caused by excessive sound levels can also manifest physically through persistent complaints such as:

  • Headaches
  • Breathing problems
  • Sleep problems

We don’t usually think of noise as a main contributor to employee underperformance and dissatisfaction – but it is. Studies show that 70 per cent of employees believe that their productivity would be higher if their environment was less noisy. 60 per cent agree that noise is the single most disruptive factor in their office.

The compounded effect of the problems due to workplace noise ultimately leads to loss of productivity and money.

Acoustics is probably the most complex facet of office space design because the technical challenges of optimising sound levels vary wildly from space to space, as do the choice of materials and design details required.

This is especially critical for open-plan office spaces where the hardest vibrations to eliminate are stress-inducing, non-stop murmurs and hums in the background. Investing in quality office acoustic solutions and noise-comfortable workspaces yields important health benefits for the people working there, as well as long-term returns for the organisation.

Architects and designers working on cutting-edge creations do not overlook acoustics, which is why acoustic products by Dex are also highly-regarded by professionals who want to craft the perfect spaces for their clients.

Office sound absorbing and isolating solutions by Dex include acoustic desks, partitions, sofas, walls, floors, floating panels and ceilings that cut down noise. Sporting subtle yet striking designs, each product is engineered to act like an acoustic shield that absorbs excessive noise, dampens reflective sounds, and turns rambunctious rooms into oases of peace and quiet.

Your team members will finally be able to work in productive silence, hear customers clearly on the phone, hold meaningful conversations at the next meeting, kill distractions, and enjoy better privacy.

The only problem is that you might have to stick your head out of the office door every so often to check if everyone’s still there!

Roberta Lepre

Dr Roberta Lepre is a lawyer and CSR consultant.

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