Kevin J. Borg

Director General, Malta Chamber

Kevin J. Borg is Director General of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry.

A mark of excellence

Monday 02nd May 2016

Welcome to Malta’s first business portal, and the new online home of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry. This portal, which we are launching together with our collaborating partners Content House Group, marks an important step in the life of the Malta Chamber, as it ventures into a new project in its bid to provide excellent support to its current and prospective members alike.

Over the 168 years of its lifetime, the Malta Chamber has constantly kept tabs on where Malta’s commercial sectors were going, in order to stay ahead of the curve in all matters related to commerce and the economy. This is a continuous process of improvement which the Chamber endeavours to perform in order to ensure it constantly meets and exceeds its members’ expectations.

This process of self-examination and reorganisation has brought about significant changes in the structures of the Chamber in the past, maintaining and sustaining the position of Malta’s foremost business representative body. The Chamber is aware that it needs to stay nimble and dynamic just like the businesses it represents in order to remain relevant and efficient.

In this same vein, a communications strategy was devised in order to give better prominence to services already provided by the Chamber, as well as venture into new media projects. Within this context, we have designed an unprecedented package of online products that is expected to fill a gap in Malta’s business media scenario.

This project seeks to extend the success of the highly esteemed Commercial Courier, which enjoys an excellent reputation in the sector, undoubtedly placing it at the top of its genre of local publications.
We are now going a step further and combining a variety of products into one package to offer an unprecedented experience to the user. Completely conversant with social media, the portal shall go beyond the one-way channel of communication we have had so far, inviting visitors to interact with it whilst providing exposure to members on a prestigious platform.

The portal is the first business portal of its kind in Malta and through it, readers will be provided with business news from Malta and around the world, as well as updates about the work of the Malta Chamber.

The business portal will be a source for quality content for every business person in Malta interested in updating themselves with current business affairs, business opportunities and leading opinions.

This portal is also complimented by the new business directory – Malta’s first official online business directory, which we have designed to be user friendly, intuitive and interactive, making it easy for users to exploit the benefit of listings on the directory.

Listings in this directory are expected to facilitate collaboration between businesses especially on an international level, as the Malta Chamber will provide its seal of approval to its members on this platform.

The Malta Chamber has also already launched a third product which is already enjoying very encouraging results – the revamped Chamberlink.

Chamberlink has been redesigned to reflect the ambitious goals the Malta Chamber wants to achieve through its renewed online presence, and offer readers a quality experience, delivered directly to their inboxes on a weekly basis in line with members’ feedback.

Chamberlink brings together the highlights of the week of the Malta Chamber’s endeavours, updating its members with the issues that affect them directly in a concise yet informative manner. It also provides members with insight on business and investment opportunities, visiting international delegations, consultation processes and upcoming events and sessions that the Chamber organises with regularity.

All of this is available within the mobile tablet version of

With this package of products, we are once again underlining our commitment to quality in all our areas of operation. Once again, we are giving more value to our esteemed members. I am confident that this new venture will contribute to Malta’s business media landscape, providing yet another excellent set of tools and hence greater value for Malta’s business community.