Peter Zammit

Managing Director, iAS Limited

Peter Zammit is Managing Director at iAS Limited, which has established itself as a leading firm in Design and Project Management through its involvement in major construction projects. He commenced work in 1995 as a graduate architect/engineer after completing his degree at the University of Malta in Architecture and Civil Engineering. Peter attained status as a Chartered Structural Engineer when he became a Member of the Institution of Structural Engineers. He has also obtained a distinction result in an MSc degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Surrey, UK and was also a member on the board of directors of the Malta Environment and Planning Authority where he served two three-year terms as an independent member.

BIM in the local construction industry

Thursday 01st June 2017

What is BIM? Building information modelling (BIM) is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places. BIM is not 3D modelling, but 3D modelling is part of BIM.

BIM also represents a new paradigm shift in the essence of how design work is being done in the construction industry. One would argue that locally this shift was already experienced in the 1990s when the computer age forced the replacement of manual drafting with CAD systems; however, this time around the change is much more profound. It is not just a change in the drawing medium, but a change in the way the design is perceived, implemented and, more importantly, communicated to the rest of the world through one universal and regularised language.

Is the industry in Malta prepared for such a challenge? The short answer is ‘No’. I don’t even think that we realise that being surrounded by the sea is no longer enough to keep us protected in our Maltese way of doing things. The world is getting smaller and developers locally are as demanding as anywhere in the world. Whatever a project needs will either be provided locally or as easily imported from abroad. BIM is no exception.

Will the local firms and contractors ever achieve BIM excellence? Definitely. But I bet it will be a turbulent ride that is totally unplanned, wasteful and sparse. The local construction community should first realise the importance of implementing such systems and provide real effort and commitment towards better education of students and professionals alike in order to start moving in the right direction in a planned and steady manner.

Miriam Sultana

Head of Economics Advisory, PKF Malta

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